Monday, August 15, 2011

You can take a cab or walk.

Tonight I drove the hubs to the airport for this weeks trip. (San Francisco)

on the way we were talking about his arrival time home which falls right in the middle of the kids school PTO swim party.

I, of course, would rather pass on the party and use the excuse that we have to pick up dad to avoid taking 7 kids to the swim party , solo.

unfortunately the hubs, being his oh so helpful self, said he could "take a cab", when we'd discussed the trip over dinner earlier in the evening.

so when it came up again pulling up to the terminal , Pierce chimed in from the back seat, "DAD, you can take a cab home from the airport."

(I started chuckling to myself)

then he said, "OR WALK HOME, either one!"

to which I snorted and cackled.

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Lance said...

I feel oh so loved. What a send off!

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