Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Heaven and Hell- the back to school double edged sword

The herd started back to school today.

it's a double edged sword.

A little heaven and a little hell.

on one side the silence that hangs heavy in the air is delicious.


on the other it means another year has gone by, my babies are growing up and there is no cure for it.

This is the beginning of the end. Pierce started Kindergarten today and Peyton started Jr. High and from now on we'll lose one every year to Jr. High. and then to high school.

Liberty informed me that when Riot turns 5 she'll turn 17 that year.

I gasped and almost cried. HORRIFIED!

when my big kids were little i was so crazy with 4 in diapers i couldn't wait until they grew up and went to school and now? i miss those little people and the fun we had. everyday was free to go and do whatever we wanted.

now these schedules, and rules, and homework and agendas and structure. i'm not doing so well with it. day in and day out for weeks and months.

the years are flying by too fast.

i can't handle it. i wish i could stop time and go back and savor the crazy we had then because this is INSANE now. not to mention expensive.

(over a hundred bucks in Jr. High fees)

anyway back to today.

The end of summer snuck up on me so fast that I wasn't quite ready, So I stayed up until 2am pre-packing lunches, and laying out clothes.

I doled out supplies and packed backpacks.

while I lamented the cost of school lunch vs. sack lunch for 6 kids.

Finally I went to bed where I tossed and turned and worried about the new school year,

while the hubs sawed logs.

my alarm went off a pathetic 4 hours later and I was up and going at 6.

We have to get Peyton out the door, ready by 7:30

combined with the fact that everyone wanted fabulous hair for the first day,

so I complied.

people were dressed, tressed, fed and out the door in record time this morning.


Here is Peyton






Feathers are all the rage right now, and Liberty wanted one so i complied last minute and she got one when she got her back to school hair cut.

I'm just going to order the stuff online if the other girls want them and do them myself.

they can be flat ironed and curled. we'll see how long it lasts.

So after picture time, we hit the school early i might add,

i mean i mentioned it before but it's worth mentioning again.


i pulled up and traffic was insane, but the carpool line was amazingly empty. Parents were all parked on the street to walk their kids up to class and take pics.

well I'd planned on walking Pierce to his class and taking pics myself but when i pulled into the school drop off, everyone hopped out.

including Pierce

Liberty walked him to his class. no drama, no tears.

He's watched everyone hop out day after day for years, he was all set to go!

He had a fabulous first day of kindergarten!

it's the beginning of the end for the poor kid.

gone are the days of lunch dates and shopping with mom. no more park days with friends while the big kids are at school. no kids clubs or zoo trips.

my sidekick is growing up.


we had to have a little chat about his name and not going by Dragon at school.

if he starts now it will stick forever.

all the elementary school kids at my house had a FABULOUS DAY!

they are excited to see old friends and make new ones.

happy about taking lunches.

happy with backpacks and new shoes.


Peyton rides with the neighbor down the street to school, and I pick up every afternoon.

this morning went fine, this afternoon there was some conflict with finding each other and where i actually was . and my AC is out again, apparently there is a leak and the hubs has to figure out where and fix it. so it was 106 and i was in the car for 2 hours with no AC.

it was hell.

thus the double edged sword.

geeze i hate those double edged swords.

and I kinda love 'em too.

Brightside? I got to spend the day with this little guy....

(this is how i found him in bed this morning)

I have lunch dates booked into next week.

and movies I plan to see alone with the baby.

6 hours of HEAVEN a day.

and a few hours of HELL.

that double edge sword gets me every time!

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Jen said...

Love it! SO glad they had a good day. YAY for having a baby enjoy, alone, for 6 hours a day! Can't wait for all the lunch dates, lol they will be fun as the babies get a little older!

jayna said...

wow. back to school. brings back a lot of memories. i can't believe you have one in jr high. where are the years going??!??!??

love all the pics!

Diaper Diva said...

They all look so cute!

Diane said...

They look so good and happy.

I hate the school schedule and driving here and there so much that we decided to make a go of home schooling this year. But our Jr High is a 20 minute drive during rush hour. And the kindergarten schedule is horrible here and I missed my kids and had a couple that just wanted to be home anyway. So our first day this year will be weird to say the least.

tren said...

My kids start school next week. Someone asked me today if I was looking forward to school starting again and I said "Yes and no." It is totally a double-edged sword! My oldest will be in HIGH SCHOOL this year. Wasn't she just a kindergartener yesterday?! So, we have to get everyone up and ready for school in time to have her at early morning seminary. Yikes! We're going to have to leave the house at like 5:45, and school starts at 7:40 or so. How I hate the taxi driving! My kids go to a charter school (I love it) so there's no bus (I hate it).
I went and saw The Help last Wednesday with my mom and sis. Loved it! Did you read the book first? I did.

Mamarazzi said...

love the pics...Paxton looks like he is much better prepared this year, i hope it went well for him.

lurve the hair feather. some days i feel like i could totally rock one.

some days.

everyone is adorable. i cannot believe that Pierce is in did THAT happen?

gorgeous children...LURVE!

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