Friday, August 12, 2011

laughter in the little things

It's Friday already!

the first Friday of the school year and Friday confessional.


let's get started.

I confess...I got a little sad yesterday when I realized I didn't have anyone to go get happy meals with anymore.

Pierce and I used to get them on the sly while the big kids were in school, because let's be real, happy meal prices are ridiculous when you have to buy more than a few. I mean I can eat somewhere way better than Mcdonald's by the time i pay for 7 happy meals.

I confess....after I get home from an hour in the car doing an hour of pick up/taxi service, literally my own personal HELL on wheels, I strip to my skivvies and hide in my room. I've considered jumping in the pool with my clothes on.

I confess....I am awesome.


my sister was giving a mini-class on laughter last night and she insisted my mom and sister and I come so we could guarantee a laugh. I of course laugh uncontrollably right on cue. (thus the awesome statement) also i went to her class. that's awesome too.

I believe laughter is the best medicine. REALLY.

I would rather laugh than cry. I often laugh while I cry. and usually when it's the worst of the worst I think, OH FACEBOOK STATUS! or I'm so blogging this! because I know you need something to laugh at too.

I confess...I thought I'd have more free time. I don't.

I confess...I had big plans to go see "The Help" on the first day of school. I didn't go yet. I want to see The Glee movie. yeah. i watch that show.

why haven't I? well honestly I'm afraid. that's right, the Lady that can take 7 kids to the movies BY HERSELF ,

is scared to take the baby and go sit alone at the movies.

because that would be weird wouldn't it?

mostly though it's the baby. and the alone factor.

maybe today i'll go since my brunch date got cancelled. sigh. LAME.

I confess...I dislike it when life gets in the way of my fun plans.

I confess....I wasn't thrilled about the idea of ...

A. the eldest going to a charter school, in my mind that's just one step up from homeschooling.

B. I hated the idea of him being home all day on Fridays due to the modified schedule at his charter school.

C. the uniform issue always turned me off before

and now? i ♥ it!

Turns out. I like it all.

yay. I love when I do something I didn't think I wanted to, and it turns out better than I ever thought it could.

I confess...I {heart} Paper plates.

I believe using paper plates is conserving water. Not sure whether that statement is true or not (in AZ it is, and i run the water the whole time i wash dishes so it's totally saving water) but the main reason i ♥ paper plates is it's saving my sanity. and that can't be debated like the water issue. fact is, i don't care either way. my sanity is worth it.

I confess...I stole this FB status (it said if i liked it i should share it) and it totally fit me.

I'm not super hot or gorgeous. I don't have an amazing figure. I'm far from being considered a model, but I'm ME! I eat food, have curves, love to wear my PJ's, and will go without make up. I'm random and crazy, and I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I am who I am, love me or not. It won't change ME!! I'm the real deal!! ♥

after I posted it I realized I should have taken out the PJ's part. that's so not me. but otherwise it's perfect.


I confess...I cackle when I laugh. while that may be hideous. it's better than my sister...who snorts. :)

Have a fabulous friday.

may you find laughter in the little things and delight in the things that you thought you wouldn't like.

hugs, crazymama!

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VandyJ said...

I like that FB status, but I never do those reposts. Sometimes they seem like the chain letter/emails you used to get.

tammy said...

Let's go see The Help! I want to see it too.

Just do what I do and steal a child or two out of school early one day for lunch together. My Mom did that every so often for us growing up, and it's one thing I love to do with my kids.

Friday means bunko tonight - can't wait!!!

Lori said...

Hi! Thanks for the comment about my purdy tomatoes!! :) It was quite the accomplishment to pull something out of my garden... that I could actually eat!! :)

Date Girl said...

Teach some of those kids of yours to do the dishes! That will save your sanity right there. :-)

I'm really interested in charter schools when we have kids. They seem like they're better than public schools but I really know nothing about them. Glad it's working out! Love it when that happens.

Mamarazzi said...

love the idea of a mini class about laughter. and i totally agree laughter IS the best medicine.

i am going to see The Help with my mom tonight. late late movie, she has already seen it but she went with my dad, which annoyed her. she said it felt like a GNO type of movie, but none of her friends read the book. did you read it? LOVED it!

i am a Gleek too.

oh and i totally get what you mean about going to a movie alone. i've done it,it wasn't too horrible. i waited until the previews started went in, sat down and left as the credits rolled. sooo basically i had a plan to make it less painful, it kinda worked.

Charter School saved J she is now a thriving student because they taught her how to be a student. loved every minute of it.

i heart paper plates too, like a lot.

love the FB status too. but you know me, i am all about that self loving shiz.

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