Friday, August 5, 2011

Judge me not! it's friday confessional

I confess...

This is the last Friday of summer vacation and I have mixed feelings about it. I mean I look forward to being able to use the computer during daylight hours if I want. and the house being clean for more than 20 minutes after the maid has left.

I will confess...

I'm so not ready to get back to a schedule. or homework battles. or spending an hour in the car every afternoon taxi service style.

I confess....I enjoy the late night infomercial for some new crazy eye cream. makes me think i need it. I have an new assortment of under eye baggage that I assume can only be fixed by a plastic surgeon.

I confess.....If I had unlimited funds, I'd be plastic. fake boobs(not more just a lift and a fill, ok maybe a little more, that's what a fill is, let's be real!) , I'd get the total body makeover. and my face. maybe some filler or botox? I could be that woman addicted to plastic surgery. IF I had the funds. we all know I don't . makes me wonder where I could acquire some?

I empty bed is nice and silent but rather lonely. not even my 5 year old is sharing my bed tonight. I should rejoice, it's such a rare occasion. ahhh the grass again, it's always greener. i really should get over that.

I time in high school i told my mom my pancreas hurt so she'd let me stay home.

One time a couple years ago my pancreas really did hurt and i had a little vacation in the hospital with pancreatitis loaded up on drugs better than morphine.

tonight my pancreas hurts. it has all day. it's stress, and the triple shot of rockstar yesterday didn't help I'm sure. I will ignore it and hope it goes away.

I confess....I drink rockstars sometimes, to get through the day. judge me not.

I confess....I ♥ Project Runway. My girls and I watch it together. I'm pretty sure all the guys on it are gay.

I confess...It amazes me Joy (she's 9) is such a prude. She gets all flustered when they use the word "SEXY" in reference to clothes on the show.

She also likes to repeat things she's heard from other people like, "grandma Jones said you should never have had your tongue pierced".

then, she saw a suggested video (on my xoom) on YOUTUBE today that was CLEARLY NOT APPROPRIATE FOR KIDS. tig ol' bitties. and she kept singing it. apparently it's catchy? how is that ok on her prude meter, and the word sexy is not?

ahhh, Joy, she's always good for some interesting conversation.

I confess...i see people out and about that get this glint of recognition in their eye. they REALLY OBVIOUSLY think they know me. but they don't say anything. I don't know them, or i"d say something like ,"you look really familiar, do I know you?"

often, if we do find reason to converse, they recognize me as one of my sisters. we all look alike.

more rarely they recognize me and feel like they know me from my blog. I've done it too. Spotted someone i blog stalk out in the real world and usually i come off as stalkerish and say HEY I READ YOUR BLOG!

sometimes they read mine too and we become friends. it happens. more than you know.

anyway. if you perchance see me in public. get that glint in your eye that says HEY! IT'S CRAZYMAMA! say hi.

i mean it's better than whispering behind your hand to your kid or husband or friend that , OH MY GOSH I READ HER BLOG!

if you don't say anything it makes me think you are looking at me and saying," OH MY GOSH HER CLEAVAGE IS SO OUT THERE!" or OH MY GOSH! SHE'S WAY FATTER IN REAL LIFE!

both true things. both things i am not doing anything about currently.

what are you confessing?


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Mamarazzi said...

i have had a few blog recognition moments. i am practically a celeb at my local post office. i even get to cut in line i am there so often and they all call me Mamarazzi.

i have often thought of the fact that at any second they could go postal, but i try not to let them see the fear in my eyes.

so far so good.

i am all about the cleavage. my goal most of the summer was to wear things that are super boobtastic. it makes the hubz happy.

i cannot sleep alone. so i am now back to a crazy weird schedule of being up all night and going to bed once the hubz gets home from work in the morning. i am glad this shift is only for the month of August.

thanks for confessing...tell Joy she is gonna love the word sexy someday. i promise.

Dee said...

Girl if I had the funds I'd have almost as much plastic as Barbie. Ok, Ok, maybe not that much but I'd get a total overhaul and add to the boobage lol!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a little chemical help to stay awake. I totally know the feeling! Happy Friday.

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

Do you really have a maid? I wish I had the funds for a maid! But if I had even more funds I too would get lypo lips and tummy tuck..boobs I don't need any help in that dept... :)

I'm scared people recognize me when I'm out but then I realize that no one reads my blog so I'm good!
I Love project runway does my husband but shhh don't tell!

VandyJ said...

No fear of anyone recognizing me from my blog. Unless I go way out of town.
Funny how at certain ages the prude is strong and then it gets lost as they grow.

Rachel Murphy said...

those commercials pull me in too... must be some kind of magic. I just can't walk away! Eyes droopy, knowing the alarm in going to go off in just a couple of hours and they i sit! lol... glad I am not the only one!

enjoyed your confession.

Date Girl said...

Wow that would be so amazing to be recognized for my blog...wait but that would be super bad for me since I blog anonymously. It'd be weird to introduce myself as DateGirl in real life.

I don't think I could handle the pain of plastic surgery, but if I could and had the funds, I'd get a little filler in the tata department.

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