Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crazymama spotting, a little torture and going motor boating.


how have you been?

anything exciting going on with you?!

me, ah, not much is super thrilling.

the usual , laundry, dishes (hello! lots going on there!) and lunch dates.

yes. i haven't had any for weeks and suddenly this week, i'm booked solid. LOVE THAT!

yesterday i was "crazymama spotted", my stalker turned friend had a spy out and about and she spotted me at lunch with a friend! GASP!?!

they say people are always watching you, and holy crap they really are!

I really should stop going to that place. the guys there know my order, i can never go without running into at least 3 people i know.



I'm popular. now you know. ;)

OMG, lately the guys at Sonic anticipate my order and know when i change it up from my usual. they know which drink is mine (i hope they don't spit in it) I'm pretty sure it's the "yay, MY WATER" every time they hand it to me. yeah i do that.

one guy even goes as far as asking if i want easy ice in my root beer because that is the hubs drink, and yesterday, someone else took my order but he was handing it out the window, and noticed there wasn't enough ice in my extra ice water.

i don't know whether to be flattered or embarrassed.

i honestly don't know what it is about being so memorable but it happens. i hope it's in a good way.

wouldn't it suck to be remembered as the least fave customer?

i don't get that vibe from them though so i think they like me because i always say keep the change. and i smile and am super nice. like always.

maybe it's the whole keep the regulars happy smarts. it works.

is it sad my sonic peeps are my friends? it's not new, they can line up with the pharmacy, dr's office people and the grocery store peeps.

night cashiers at walmart used to know me by name, it's like a reunion when i run into one of them if i'm out that way, and these are the people that i saw when i was prego with Pierce.

i was there so often, and so hot (let's be real) the Zamboni driver (electric ride on mop) used to stalk me. he had a thing for curvy pregnant ladies apparently. ;) my friend and i referred to him as walt, my secret lover. LOL!


i am just full of it tonight.

OMG, i was losing it just hours ago. super early release.

holy cow kill me now.

2:30 early release is bad enough every Wednesday, but 12:55?! it just made the afternoon/evening THAT MUCH LONGER!

the talking, the mess, the snacking, the touching of me?!

by 7:00 i didn't want to hear another word and they sure as heck better not be touching ME!

my feet are super ticklish these days and they LOVE to touch them to hear me squeal.

TORTURE! they torture their mother!

the hubs calls and is somehow shocked at the noise level, SERIOUSLY?! how can he forget the wonder so quickly?

i wish i could escape it just for a little while.

Riot officially has 3 teeth now. he doesn't like anyone to see the new top one but he makes funny faces feeling it with his tongue.

He sure is delicious! I LOVE it when he snuggles up on my chest and takes a long nap.

FB STATUS: There is something about holding a warm, sleeping baby on my chest that makes me wanna take a nap. And smother his squishy delicious cheeks with kisses.

he has recently discovered the wonder of motor boating me.

yup. starting young. he also thinks it's pretty funny to smack 'em and see 'em jiggle.

we've got another boob man.

he's not even breast fed so there is no correlation there.

well now that you've had a nice giggle, I'm off to watch some TV.

my DVR is loaded with Project Runway, Dance Moms, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jersylicious, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Guilianna & Bill (their trip to Italy had me craving spaghetti, so i had to make it for dinner tonight) and i can't forget Top Chef:just desserts (did you see the willy wonka episode tonight?)

reality TV?! yes please.

Reality TV? what do you watch?

what is your most anticipated show this season?

are you friends with the service people you see often? do they KNOW you and KNOW your order as soon as they hear your voice?!

Have you ever had a stalker?! have you ever been the stalker? tell me about it!

ok have a FABULOUS DAY minus stalkers and full of sonic drinks,

Hugs, Crazymama!

Oh and ya know how the hubs was in New York? he was supposed to come home last night, and then the office called and said he should come to Cleveland to train the new guy, so he went.

funny part is, he only packed one change of clothes. LOL.

when a 2 day trip turns into 4 days, you've got a problem, he should listen to me when i say he should pack extra. I'm always prepared. he'll listen next time. ;) luckily he found the washer and drier at the hotel or it could have been ugly.

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jayna said...

don't watch reality tv... if i do, it's sytycd. but then, i only saw one episode last time it was on. it's funny, i'd rather read than watch. ;) i'm a nerd.

don't know any service people. the dry cleaner kind of knows who i am, but we don't chat.

had a little bit of a stalker in high school. i'll tell you about it when i see you next. which will be soon ish!

Jamie said...

I love house wives of Beverly Hills. It's my favorite out of all of them. I love the Bachelor/ette/pad! It's probably my all time fave!! Stuart and I like to watch Survivor together ...if we are ever together!!

I think we may have done some stalking together in high school!! ;-)

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