Monday, September 12, 2011

the daily delights of a crazymama that cries in court, has a teething baby and a hubs in NYC!

I had the pleasure today of taxi service of the kids to school,

airport shuttle for the hubs

and then a 6 month well visit for Patriot, he weighed in at 19lbs 20 oz and 29 inches long.

he scoots, is days away from crawling for reals and he has 2 teeth and is working on his 3rd.

check out all his funny faces @ six months and his rad 18 wheeler shirt. :)

he's been extra delightful with teething and shots. i keep giving him tylenol and orajel.

the Dr. said he doesn't need to see him again until he's a year old.

'cuz mom's with skills don't have to be seen as often.

i saw this Dr. 3 times in the last week. (between 4 kids)

he sees me and all my kids. he has no doubt of my skills.

after the delight of getting shots Patriot and i went to court . for my camera speeding tickets.

i went to fight them.

i had to because i got served over the summer. and there as no doubtt it was me. the ugliest of ugly pics proved it .

HA! the guy representing the state, works for the camera company and i got my @$$ handed to me on one, opted for traffic school for another and OH, got one dismissed but not until after i had already cried in the court room.


it was the hubs that wanted me to fight them. the hubs was supposed to be at court WITH ME, and yeah he's not home today. so i went alone.

lucky for me the judge noticed a discrepancy between the video and the still camera shot the "state" presented. and WHALAH! dismissed. yay.

really it sucked. i guess it was worth it, i'm only paying 1 fine and 1 traffic school fee. instead of 2 fines and school fees.

still. i hate crying. how was i supposed to argue after the guy who does this day in and day out laid it all out so well?



did you know you get points on your record for those camera tickets? YUP! if i wouldn't have gone, i would have ended up with a suspended licence.

I'll be driving like a snowbird from now on. holy shiz.

so yeah. that's where i'm at.

bad day. hoping the rest of my week picks up and becomes super fabulouso!!!!!!!!!!!!

this week, or i should say until tomorrow, the hubs is in NY.
he sent me a picture of his view 40 stories up.

i would think being in NY would be super cool, You would too right?!

unfortunately he'll see the inside of a board room at a utility company
and then turn around and come home.

camera speeding tickets? have you ever been nabbed?

some people say they are unconstitutional, tell me why?! please?!

if you don't live in AZ, where do you live and do they have camera speeding tickets and or red light running cameras?

when was the last time you went to traffic school?

what is your best teething remedy?

i've been giving him orajel and he likes gnawing on a twizzler OR the mesh feeder bag filled with crushed ice (he loves it!)

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melissa's life said...

I thought they couldn't do anything on the tickets unless they served you. My husband and I both have gotten them and ignored them. No one ever came to our house and nothing has happened. It's been a couple of years so I don't think it will. I'm glad you at least got one ticket dismissed.

elle said...

In many states they don't accrue points toward your license since there really is no proof who was driving.

Also "But opponents have also pulled out their trusty Constitutions, contending that red-light cameras violate due process rights and constitute an invasion of privacy, AP reports.

Last year, for example, the city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota shut down its cameras, citing a pending suit claiming that the cameras violate due-process rights because they don’t capture images of those who actually are behind the wheel, AP reports"

onehm said...

Darren tried to fight his. And failed as well. No one is actually there to "accuse" you, which I think is why they are technically unconstitutional.

Just because the "camera guy" was there, he isn't your actual accusor because you didn't do anything to him- it should be the officer who pulls you over, or the random guy on the street that you beat up because he stole your rockstar parking place. :) HA HA.

At least you got one dismissed. I myself am not a fan of those...

Mamarazzi said...

oh man ugly pics to prove a ticket, not cool. i know they have some cameras here in CA but not any near here, or at least i don't think so.

good for you for fighting for yourself!!

Mamarazzi said...

oh i forgot to say how adorable Riot is...luuurve.

We Are Blessed said...

Crushed ice is a great idea. Sorry about your court date. Court is awful! Patriot is getting so big, he is darling!

jayna said...

no cameras here... thankfully. az can be brutal when it comes to that.

new york sounds fun, but not if you are just going to hang out in a board room. ;)

sorry you had to go to court and cry. i would have too!!


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