Friday, September 16, 2011

making the hubs wait...

Friday confessional time!

I confess on Thursday nights after the hubs gets home from being out of town all week I subject him to an hour of project runway before we can "go to bed".

I confess the whole, crazymama spotting deal sort of, well, creeps me out. How safe is it if people around town know so much about me but I have no idea who they are or what they know.

On the FLIPSIDE...I confess I was sort of stoked a girl stopped me at the store and told me she read my blog.

She wasn't sure it was me but recognized the baby. (Thus the creep out/ worry on my part)

I confess it bugs me when people never comment and yet they wonder why I haven't been as good about posting lately. Seriously? Carrying on a one sided conversation gets old right?! Well posting endlessly and getting very few comments is pretty much the same deal. Even the hubs understands that.

I confess I went to my sisters bridal shower the other day , thrown by her work friends, and guess what it really was?! An "adult toy" party! LOL hilarious and awkward.

I confess I would share more about it but my kids read this blog.

I confess I felt mildly bad today when I was doing hair and Hope asked why I post about Joy but never about her. I need to get on that.

I confess I listen to the Tyler Glenn "someone like you" Adele cover every night at bedtime.

I confess the weeks are flying by. But the afternoons seem really long. Oy.

I confess it thrills me halloween is fully stocked at walmart and target now. It makes me giddy walking down those aisles.

What are you confessing?

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One Fantastic Housewife! said...

I confess that I still think of you every time I put a tutu on one of my girls. I will never forget seeing the first ones on your girlies and then me stalking TJMaxx and buying 3...or was it 4! Sent you the email for my new blog...or ya can just click over from my name up there. TGIF!

Cara said...

"bed time" I love it!!!

Amy said...

Holy crap! That would creep me out too.

As for confessions...I confess that I have a secret that I'm going to share on my blog soon. And it's super cool :) I actually think we've talked about it before thru our e-mail conversations.

Leslie said...

Oh, thanks for the reminder..I shall go watch project runway now!! And I agree, it creeps me out to, thats why I went private. But then again nobody really reads my blogs that much anyway!!

tren said...

I always wish for more comments on my blog, too, and practically nobody even reads it, so that isn't likely, but it does get me down sometimes doing that one-sided blog conversation thing...
I went about three weeks without posting until just a few days ago, then I finally posted something. It seems like I never blog much in September. Life just seems blah with the kids back in school and the daily grind seems so boring to talk about, but you have such a knack for writing about your regular days and making them seem interesting and funny. Sometimes, I see an idea on your blog and want to steal it for something to write about on my blog, but don't want to be a copycat. Well, maybe I'd like to copy you a little...

I hope your baby feels better soon.

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