Wednesday, September 28, 2011

must have comfort

I'm playing along on this weeks we want to know's all about food.

{1} What is one thing (food or drink) that you MUST have everyday?

An extra large ice water with extra ice from Sonic. yes i pay for ice water in a cup. HELLO it's STYROFOAM with a lid and a straw and rabbit poop ice! worth IT!

besides, if i don't have one or two every day, i feel all grody and get dehydrated.

{2} What is your "go to" food when you don't feel well/need comfort?


OH... you said food.

ok really it depends.

if i'm feeling sick, but need to eat, i like grilled cheese.

if i'm stressed out I like french fries from wingstop with ranch.

it used to be eggrolls but damn it my fave place closed down and i haven't found any to replace them with. sigh.

if I'm sick and my mom is bringing me dinner (like after i have a baby) i want her homemade mashed potatoes and meatloaf balls. OR her stew. i love that.

i don't usually cope with food. i used to use Dr.Pepper to brighten a bad day but The Dr. and I broke up. so i turn to shopping. a little retail therapy is way better than food any day. (and this is how hoarding begins, the accumulation of stuff to feel better.)

{3} Is there a dish that you make that people request when they visit your home/a family favorite?

my bbq baked beans. they are HEAVENLY. they are my potluck assignment for every function with the in-laws.

my family requests my pico de gallo and guacamole.

also, apparently i make the best cookies ever. my daughter loves to take some to school and share with friends because they all LOVE THEM, i'm wondering if their mom's never bake or something?!

{4} What are 3 foods you have TRIED and do not like and will NEVER eat again?

I WILL NOT EVER eat cold cuts on a sandwich/sub. EWWW. no ham, no turkey, no cheese, no mayo and no mustard on a bun or a bread or anything! it's making me gag thinking about it.

i don't really TRY anything. if it looks gross, smells or is not something i'm familiar with, i don't want to try it.

Quinoa salad, a little ewww. i did try it, but i don't need it again.

fish. i haven't tried it. it smells. no thank you!

and our final question comes from Dee@ HomesickCajun

{5} What's one thing that you love to eat that most people would think is weird and/or gross??

I super love chili powder with salt and lime on my corn on the cob and on fresh cucumbers. it's also delightful on fresh tropical fruit.

it sounds weird to people but it's HEAVENLY. and no calorie compared to BUTTER on corn. hello, rad!

try it. i have some bloggy friends that have tried it and they are sold.

this was a super fun and easy WWTKW

you can play along and link up over HERE


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Mamarazzi said...

mmm BUTTER...

wait. where was i?

hip hip hooray for rabbit poop ice. did you really break up with Dr. Pepper? how long has it been? what did the Dr ever do to you?

i hope it wasn't a messy break up!

seriously, send me some cookies. it is only fair that you do, i mean really. i don't bake, i need bake and like to share.


i adore you for linking up!!

Anonymous said...

I've definitely not ever met anyone who didn't like sandwiches!

VandyJ said...

I like to put season salt on my corn. I might have to try your version.

insomnia said...

How do you live life without hoagies? (aka subs) I couldn't do it!
I will try that corn on the cob seasoning next time I eat it! Sounds yummy!

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

I totally get the whole cup and ice thing.

For me and my lil sis we LOVE to get a soda with rabbit poop ice in a CLEAR plastic cup with CLEAR plastic lid...AND you can not forget the completely CLEAR plastic straw. L.O.V.E. it! heehee

dddiva said...

I eat ice all the time so much so my dentist said get sonic so you don't break any more teeth.

I love lime anything, going to try the corn that way.

Megan Harmeyer said...

I love Sonic ice. I'd pay for ice water from Sonic any day!

OMG - fries from Wing Stop - now I know what I'm having for lunch, only with bleu cheese. LOL

Gah! I am getting too hungry reading your post. BBQ baked beans sound awesome.

This is where we differ: I like quinoa. It's a little different, yes, but I like it.

Chili powder with salt and lime sounds delish!! I'm gonna have to try that next time we have corn. Or cucumbers.

Megan said...

I love rabbit poop ice. I really should just shell out the ridiculous amount of money it costs to by the ice machine for home!

happy day of hump!

jayna said...

love this post. in fact, i'm going to do it on my blog. ;) it's about time for an update over there anyway...

as for yours.. hey, chili pepper, salt and lime sounds good!

i do like fish. but there are some that are "fishier" than others.

and are you crazy girl? sandwiches are yum. ;)

come on over and see my answers.


sarajo said...

i want 7 kids!! We're up to 5!!!

Sonic ice balls are awesome! I so need to go by during a happy hour =)

You weird sounds good. Chili powder and lime, huh? I'll have to try it!

tammy said...

So I should cancel that giant sub I ordered for bunko then??

Have you tried stainless steel straws? Apparently they make every drink better.

Bridget said...

I'm going to try the chili powder with the salt and lime on some corn and cucumbers. It sounds good!

The Lovely One said...

Love those ice balls! It makes any soda so much better!

Alicia said...

YES!! sonic ice is the best!! totally the best thing about sonic. and can i just tell you how hungry i am after reading this?? its taking all my will power to not go raid the fridge. and i'm totally going to have to try the chili powder, that sounds yummy!

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