Thursday, September 29, 2011

Your Argument is INVALID

Source: via Nani on Pinterest

just found this on my new fave site. and remembered.,..

The other day.

it was one of THOSE DAYS!

i seem to have a couple of THOSE a week.

i had to go back and see which day it was and somehow a glorious day quickly went downhill once all the kids were picked up from school.

there was torture your mother time, lots of drama, sibling smackdown and then it was time to point out my hypocrisy.

there is NOTHING less delightful than kids pointing out how much of a hypocrite you are.

so, apparently awhile back i said Peyton (the eldest) couldn't play a certain video game because the characters on it were overly cleavagey.

so on THAT day. Peyton called me out and said, You won't let me play THAT video game, but look at you! (meaning all cleavagey) geeze. OUCH!

yeah well, i do wear real clothes, not corsets or bustiers .


and yet...

Source: via Nani on Pinterest

Oh and don't talk back or you will be grounded from the computer all together.



(imagine me, shouting in the he-man pose)

have your kids ever realized and pointed out your hypocrisy?

what is the punishment at your house for talking back?

How often do you have "one of THOSE days"?

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Cherie said...

Every other day. Some days I wanna punch one of em in the nose. Pow. I dont... but I wanna. It always gets worse when they start school. You showing some cleavage is much different than those video games and um yeah buster needs to know that you know the difference. When mine start acting that way, I tell em if they want to act like little kids they get treated like little kids and send em off to stand in the corner. Humiliation. It is the very thing they try to use on us and what that son was doing by trying to humiliate you. NOT allowed. But really dont punch em in the nose. Oh and another thing, they started fighting so badly that I made them all sit in a circle in the livingroom, holding hands and siging Jesus Loves me. LOL I love creative parenting. Dont let em get to ya. Cuz I know just what you are speaking about.

Jen said...

LOL when I swear they point it out, but I too pull out the frantic, I am the adult so neener neener neener phrase.

sarajo said...

Mine are not olden enough to know that mom is often wrong and full of it! I'm not looking forward to those days!

As for THOSE days, I have them more often then not. It's hard when you have 5 kids 6 and under. But, you would know that. But it's better now that the two older ones are in school for either part or the whole day.

What gets me, is the bedtime fight. I just don't get that one. It happens, every night, at the same time (or earlier). Why fight it? Sleep is the most wonderful thing in the world!

Audrey said...

every day is one of those days! getting dressed (yeah, I would love to stay in my pj's too) getting hair fixed, (it happens every day, why are you acting like it's your first time) and then if we have to go somewhere; school, store, church, etc. they act like animals sometimes!

tren said...

Oh, yes, THOSE days. They are frequent. My 15 year old daughter JUST told me I was being a hypocrite before I read your post. She wanted me to log her on to the downstairs computer and I told her no, that she needed to watch Conference and then we were going to clean the kitchen together. She told me I'm a hypocrite because I am blogging while watching Conference. The difference is that I can do both and I know she can't. So there.

Leslie said...

Every Day is one of those days, here at our house!! I just tell them I am the MOM and thats that! Doesnt always work but I try!!

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