Saturday, September 24, 2011

Very Pinteresting

so. pinterest. are you on that bandwagon yet?


if you need an invite hit me up, but you have to promise not to call me your crack dealer if i do, 'cuz it's seriously addicting.

OH EM GEE i might become a hoarder, because someone pinned that handy tip of saving silica gel packets for preserving pumpkins. and now, the first thing i usually throw away is now collecting in the corner of my hoarder stash in my kitchen.

I might gain 20 lbs because I've been pinning tons of delicious looking desserts.

I might become a crazy crafter because there is so much cute crap on there to craft.

Jewelry? YES!

SEWING IDEAS!?! i don't own a machine but I need one now, because in my mind i can sew. and need to. it's domestic and damn it, if those broads on the Internet can tailor their own jeans and sew custom pencil skirts then I SURE AS HECK NEED TO ALSO! and DAMN IT IF I DON'T LOOK JUST LIKE THEM TOO! skinny biotches!

OY VEY! as if there isn't enough time suck going on with FB and taxi service daily, i am now addicted. going to the bathroom suddenly takes 20 minutes to tinkle while i Pin things and update my facebook status and whatnot.

AND now that i'm on the bandwagon, i think everyone else needs to be too, so we can discuss our pins out at lunch and over breakfast, and at bunko, and it's inspiring for sure. all of those inspirational quotes.

wanna follow me on pinterest and see what amazing ideas I'm hoarding for later use?

I'm right here folks

happy pinning!

and remember...

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One Fantastic Housewife! said...

I am not on pinterest. I am slightly curious, but very scared. I don't have time to waste any more time! lol

Erin said...
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Carie said...

Here's to hitting you up because I refuse for you to be somewhere that I can not track you and be better then you. Just sayin.

Serendipity said...

I need a pinterest invite...I've delayed it as long as possible but I am fully ready for another addiction now. Bring it.

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