Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What was your first clue?

I use that phrase semi-regularly.

Today I ask myself that question.

What was my first clue...that I should just go home after dropping the kids off at school instead of an ill fated trip to the dollar store?

Yes. I admit I <3 the dollar store of course for me it's generally the $30 dollar store because that's what I seem to leave out the door for.

So my first clue was...the extra long roundabout detour to the store. I turned too early, missed my street, hit a dead end, and eventually realized it was on yet a different street a mile back and finally I was there.

I had to tinkle. There are no public restrooms at my favorite dollar store so I hit the convenience store on the corner, unbuckled the baby seat, lugged it in and made my way in and out of there, getting a token beverage (purchase) while waiting in a slow line holding my 20lb baby in his baby seat and my giant purse in order to pay for my beverage, when it was my turn I left a buck on the counter and said keep the change, it wasn't worth my time.

It was then I realized, I'd failed to change the baby's diaper or outfit from the night before. Mom fail.

The diaper was remedied before we made our way into the dollar store, cart cover in place, baby happily placed in the cart with my purse shoved next to him to give him some support and we were on our way.

Whoohooo halloween treasures aplenty , pre-glittered skeletons, bats and spiders (I'll never bother with that craft again) , I meandered through the store.

On the hair accessory/ beauty aisle I hit the jackpot on blingy headbands. I picked up one in every color and style. I snagged name brand tweezers, and nail polish pens, my cart was filling up.

Finally at the register I joked with the cashier about my pile of treasures, my guess was more than my standard $30 but more like $50.

I swiped my card. Glitch with the reader, again we swiped, and again trying a different button and oh no, it was declined.

What? Let me just step over here and weed out some unnecessary items. (And check my account).

Omg. What is this huge rental car charge? WTF? Only $11 dollars available?

I unbagged my crap back into the cart and slinked away, stopping to tell the cashier it wasn't meant to be and sorry about someone having to put my treasures away.

As i did my walk of shame, an old lady almost ran us over in the parking lot, the snowbirds are back in town. They stopped on the way by to swoon over the baby as I strapped him in his seat.

I drove home hoping that when I go back in a few days there will still be treasures left to be had. Like blingy headbands, one in every style and color.

Sigh. I came home and consoled myself with the last of the green chile chicken enchiladas and a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

I should have just come home and held the baby and watched keeping up with the kardashians like I do every Tuesday.

Next time i'll pay closer attention to my first clue.

So? Do you love the dollar store too? What is your usual roundabout total?

Do you ever fail to get a clue?

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VandyJ said...

You ever figure out what the rental car charge was for?

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

My total always varies. Sometimes it is a completely dry run. Not around anyone's birthday party time though! I LOVE that I found tons of cute fall stuff for the upcoming Sweet 16. At only $1 I can go ALL OUT!

jessica said...

hahaha great story.
i had a similar incident happen a couple of months ago at the redbox.

after finally selecting my 5 different dvds, with the huge line growing behind me. i realized, crap i forgot my debit card.
ugh. i felt so dumb and walked with my head down all the way to my jeep

Nancy Pitney said...

I spent $6 at the dollar spot in Target today, but if I had purchased everything I wanted it probably could have totaled $50. Dang! Why do they make cheap things so appealing?!

tren said...

Oh, that stinks! I would probably have left the store crying. Except that I really don't like the dollar store. (Or Halloween). Can I still be your blog friend? I do like leftover chicken enchiladas and chocolate chip cookies, and rocking my baby.

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