Sunday, October 30, 2011

everyone's favorite sibling.


Liberty has said she likes how holding him makes her feel better. He loves her no matter what and helps her relax when she's stressed.

That's what I love about babies too.

He's everyone's favorite sibling.

We've been busy spending quality time at the dentist for the last few weeks. (Thankfully the hubs company has rockin' dental coverage.)

While we are there (3 times a week) Patriot is a champ, never fussing, happy to sit there for hours.

He'd been sick for a couple weeks. It was a cold or the dr said since it had gone on so long, a sinus infection, with the start of an ear infection. So he's been on antibiotics. And 3 times a day he gulps that stuff down like it's a treat.

He sleeps through anything and loves riding around in the car.

Recent Stats

He weighed 20lbs 4 oz at 7.5 months.

He got his 5th tooth last week.

he pulls up to stand by things now.
And has started bear crawling. Instead of really crawling. But he's still fastest at army crawling.

He's dumbo for halloween this year.

And this is his first pair of shoes.
(Thanks Nani) super cute and comfy.

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jayna said...

what a doll!!

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