Tuesday, October 18, 2011

happily dating for 15 years, happy list

I finally found Time for a tuesday Happy List...

I'm happy I have this guy to keep me company during the day.

I'm happy the hubs and I went out on Saturday night and I got my seasonal favorite PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE! love it.

It was our 15th anniversary of dating, we've been dating for 15 years. He thinks it's ridiculous i have always counted it, but whatever. there were a few years there we barely dated (with all the little kids and no built in sitters and limited funds) and i'm happy we are back to dating on a regular basis. ;)

I'm happy the hubs and I go out together every weekend (usually twice and sometimes for lunch too). it's honestly all that gets me through the week.

I'm happy I had time for a little at home productivity today. there are days i just don't get any time at home to even attempt a load of dishes or laundry. it's a nice change when i do have time at home and not spending every minute in the car or in dentist or dr's offices.

Look i have a new helper with unloading the dishes.

This does not however make me happy one bit, little turkey is growing up too fast for me, but i am happy he's healthy and strong and happy all the time.

don't look too closely at the floor because....

I'm happy the maid is coming on Thursday.

I'm happy i had a minute to post about what's making me happy these days.


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Mamarazzi said...

i am so jealous of your maid. i need one. stat! i keep thinking my aunt will chip in and pay for one now that she is living with us, but that has yet to happen. sad for me.

tell Riot i said to stop growing please and thank you.

i love date night, that IS something that is happening again around here again. much needed!

thanks for linking up your happy list. it makes ME very happy to have such awesome and supportive friends!

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