Monday, October 17, 2011

October camera phone photo dump!

The weeks have flown by and we've been busy.

On october break the kids and I went to the zoo.

It was 107 in october the day we spent 5 hours at the zoo.

We got the standard picture of the oyster shell and the pic on the bridge going into the zoo. (I have lots more and maybe i'll post them later)

The weekend before that, we went for a staycation at a hotel a few cities away with my brother Aaron's family. The kids thought the adjoining rooms was the best part. (i forgot i mentioned this last week) here's the pics anyway.

The Thursday before October break I braved skateland solo with 7 kids, it was ridiculous. I realized that, as soon as I had to lace 6 kids into skates and not one kid could freaking skate.

We got the trainers for the little kids, (thus the pictures). We won't discuss Joy falling flat on her face and flailing on the ground unable to get up, she kicked me in the ankle with her freaking skate when I was trying to help her up. Ouch!

Everyone wants skates or roller blades for christmas so they can learn to skate at home and actually skate @ skateland.

The hubs was shocked I even took them.

Peyton had. His first band concert on October 4th. He played the bass drum in the Raiders march from Indiana Jones and the Jurassic park theme song. I got a picture of all the kids afterward.

Pierce has been playing soccer with 2 cousins on Saturday mornings. Tate and Garrett! my brother Aaron and my sister Maria and I are goofballs when we get together. listening to the coach quietly was a challenge for the 3 of us.

Liberty stayed home from school on her 12th birthday and we went for pedicures and found the perfect blingy cell phone case.

We went to watch Peyton play in the pep band at the homecoming football game. He's a 7th grader but plays in the drumline for the high school band since he goes to a charter school that is 7th- 12th grade.

So all of these events with the exception of the hotel on a weekend was me solo with all the kids. The hubs has been in Ohio for 3 weeks, New York last week and Boston this week.

Hopefully his travel schedule will slow down for the holidays. It will in December, but until then the only goal is survival.

I stocked up on cold and flu supplies just in case though.

Patriot has finally figured out how to really crawl, still slowly, but legitimately crawling on all fours. And now the turkey is pulling up on things. Just on his knees so far. But holy cow I scolded him hoping he wouldn't do it again, it didn't work. Every chance he gets he does it now. Sigh.

Have a fabulous day!


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