Thursday, October 20, 2011

"I'm always a witch, I don't need a costume."

the other day was the annual in law Halloween party.

I wasn't gonna go. I had plans to pay off the kids with bags of candy.

we ended up going. it was better than i thought.

thus the pictures. courtesy of my delightful sister in law.

she took one of me. it was hideous. i look totally haggard and worn out. Monday was a long day, every day is a long day.

Check out the guns! they were the real deal. just for props Uncle Tony got a couple out for Peyton's mobster costume.

i have plans for fashioning a fake tommy gun out of a dowel and a canned chicken can. and spray paint. we'll see if it gets done.

in addition to the mobster, Dumbo, Buzz Lightyear, and a Ventriloquist/Robbie from Victorious (on NICKELODEON)

we have our own Coven of witches.

They aren't the stereotypical witches.

we went high brow with cocktail hats and opera gloves.
and striped tights, you can always spot a witch by her tights.

Joy in Purple, Liberty in orange , Hope in pink.

They said, MOM, you didn't dress up.

I said, "I'm always a witch, I don't need a costume."

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MiMi said...

Those are adorable costumes!!!
I wish I could pull off striped tights...I would wear them every day. Just because they would make me happy. :)
I bet a dowel and a can would make an awesome tommy gun. Spray paint can cover a multitude of sins!

Mamarazzi said...

everyone is adorable. love love love the stripey tights. so freaking cute! i love a fancy witch!!

i am right there with ya...most of the time its an invisible tiara but it can be an invisible witch hat in an instant!

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