Wednesday, October 5, 2011

well groomed and up late.

it's that day again. We Want to Know Q&A Wednesday

Hosted by Mamarazzi and Alicia aka Queso

This week Queso is asking the questions and she wants to know...

{1} If you had an extra hour to do ANYTHING for yourself each day what would you do?


ya know, the basics like showering, ALONE.

shaving my legs more frequently than once in a blue moon.

apply hand, foot and body lotion and eye creams and moisturizer.

style my hair more than just wash and go,

put my make up on leisurely at home instead of while i'm speeding down the freeway applying eyeliner, or outside of my destination before i go into Church, the store, lunch, etc.

i might actually maintain my brows and get manicures. or paint my own dang nails. i never seem to find time for that.

as a crazymama of 7 i shower for 2 seconds with kids knocking on the door, asking me questions or freaking joining me. seriously, with my body!?! i've had 7 kids, it's not cute.

I find myself begging, "leave me alone! i just need a minute!"

i do my makeup in the car. I'm lucky if i blow dry my hair. flat ironing it is only for going out on a hot date or maybe church.

there are other more impressive answers i could come up with but I'm keeping it real. back to basics baby!

remember when...I was single, i'd shower to go to work, and then before going out, I'd spend hours doing my hair and make-up, lotion was slathered on my mile long legs daily, sometimes thrice. my nails were done, my brows were perfect, i was perfectly scented with expensive perfume.

these days i'm scented alright, only it's with slobbery baby kisses and spit up.

super glamorous!

{2} Are you a morning person or a night owl?

I can be both. depends on who you ask.

but my hubs is a night owl and so if i want to spend time with him, it happens at night.

i do exceptionally well bright and shiny early though, and apparently, if i get up early i'm happier and nicer all day. who knew?

weekdays always go better mood wise because i don't get to sleep in.

maybe i'm just hyped in the morning to get the herd out the door , thus the chipper disposition.

{3} How much sleep do you get on an average night?

about 8.5 hours if the hubs is out of town (which is Monday through Thursday every week)

tonight? just for contrast, it's 3:30 and i get up at 6:05. DUMB!

i came home late to a kid needing help with his homework. and then i blogged this post right here.

INSANE. i used to do this all the time. but not lately.

this last baby and the hubs travel schedule has killed it, i don't have time to nap so I HAVE TO GO TO BED AT A DECENT TIME! and hey, something is going right because the herd hasn't been late YET!

dang, i probably just jinxed myself.

{4} When do you find the time to blog/surf the ol' interweb?



CARPOOL PICK UP LINE, IN THE BATHROOM, ONE HANDED WHILE HOLDING THE BABY AT HOME, IN BED LATE AT NIGHT, IN THE MOVIE THEATER WAITING FOR THE MOVIE TO START, everywhere i go and have to sit for more than a minute without someone to talk to, i am surfing. crap sometimes even when i have someone to talk to, if the conversation can't keep me focused i move on and check email and FB. rude? YUP.

i only blog while i'm mostly alone. i have to get the thoughts flowing and that rarely happens with constant chatter in my face. it's best if do it when i'm parked in front of the school during my daily taxi service. or after the herd goes to sleep.

i rarely get a minute to sit at the real computer. it's way easier on the desktop, but i don't get my turn as often as you'd think. it is tough competition here to get a turn. seriously! i'm relegated to the middle of the night when no one needs me, and no one is up hogging my computer.

thus the late night.

i often post on my phone and then edit and link up on the desktop .

{5} What is the ONE thing you're never too busy for?

Facebook. i do it on my phone. i can do it anywhere.

it takes just a minute to see what is up with my peeps and i can update or comment speedy fast anytime, anyplace.

i'm sure my abundance of FB friends LOVE to read about my daily delights. or the everyday struggle to live such a glorious existence.

I'm living the dream and i share the wonder. if you aren't a fan yet, clickety up there, or figure out my real name and friend me. I'm nice.

Today my statuses were all about my daughters birthday delights, including pedicures and blingy cell phone hunting. i omitted the details about her lunch with grandma, dinner in the car and the band concert that had me sitting next to my old boyfriend's parents. OY.

friends, phone calls, and shopping are other things i make time for. \
i need to move out of this town. i can't go anywhere.
UM i did however share my ingenious trick to cure stinky teen boy stench.
(i think he forgot deodorant today) so when he came and met me at the car to get his suit for his band concert, he had BO.
smart mom that i am, who dislikes stinky boys, i made him apply sanitizer (vanilla hand variety) on his armpits, hoping it would clear up the germs and mask the odor.
i think it worked, because as i sat helping him at the computer after 1:30 when i got home from bunko, he didn't stink.

so facebook, is the one thing i always have time for. i like to think i'm never too busy for my kids, the hubs, and my friends. but sometimes i just am. i'm too busy for myself ALL THE TIME.

wanna play along? or just read other answers. click on this button. linkety link,


otherwise?! how are you?

got any gossip? spill it.

give me your answers. i'm dying to know.


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Amy said...

I am hooked on facebook too and if I am not near a computer, I am on the phone checking in. I love technology!

allstarme said...

I agree that it's easier to sit at the desktop for blogging. That's why i mostly do it at work!

VandyJ said...

I write my blog posts at home, but post them at work--it's way easier from a desktop than a netbook.

Connie said...

I have my routine down to 30 minutes on the day I wash and iron my hair. 15 on the days inbetween when I just brush my hair and go. I think that's the beauty of a short hair do.

I can't live without my smart phone either. Plus that they pays for my LIFE! (hubby is an app developer) LONG LIVE APPLE!

Sarita said...

Finally, thanks for not saying your kids in question #5. I didn't but so many did and I was beginning to feel inferior! Whew!! You have really thought out this hour thing!

Alicia said...

girl, anytime i can shave above the knee and BOTH armpits, i consider it a huge success!! i think i should set my alarm for 3AM just so i can poop in peace! for real!! loved the answers! SO SO SO excited to get to know you! woo!

Mamarazzi said...

you are super glamorous!!

i love that you said you are too busy for yourself all the time.


i love you, but you already know that!

thanks for linking up ;)

Kate said...

That's the only way I keep up with blogging and facebook, smartphone. Love mine too!

sarajo said...

I totally get number 1. I haven't showered for two days now. And I only have 5 kids!

Ahh, FB and smartphones. Totally. I love my iPhone!

Jamie said...

Amen about the personal grooming! My kids ask where I'm going if they see me with makeup on and my hair done. So sad, but so true!

I'm a total night owl trying to reform.

I mostly surf the web or blog when kids are sleeping. But I do check my emails and Facebook on my phone all the time.

I get about 6 or 7 hours of sleep which is NOT enough so that is why I am trying to change my night owl behavior!

The one thing I am not too busy for are my shows. I will stay up in the wee hours of the morning if I have to in order to watch them! :-)

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

I love me some facebook!

I am a morning person and my hubby is a night owl. Not great.


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