Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Busy. Crazy. ya know same crap different day.

Oh my gosh, it has been a whole week since I posted. whoops.

I've been busy. i just realized Monday morning i have less than 2 weeks to get my house in order and put up all of my Christmas decorations.

we are having my family Christmas party here the Sunday after thanksgiving, to get it out of the way and start the season off right.

BUT my house is a wreck(even if the maid comes twice between now and then) , and I still have boxes of Halloween in the living room. i have big plans for re arranging furniture while i'm, at it, and i REALLY need to sort and purge a ton of stuff.

i found a rad deal on a cabinet to put my Christmas tree on top of, i figure the further off the ground the better with Riot around. genius idea right? BUT, i have to refinish it first to match my color scheme. I'll take pictures when i do. or at least before and after pics.

Some how i'll find the time to make it happen and maybe make myself crazy in the meantime. oh well

in other news Riot does not have any desire to be a baby, he's always sneaking upstairs alone. i need to invest in some baby gates. he's cruising furniture and pushes a storage tub around (who needs a walker?!)

kid is killing me. i wish he'd just lay there and be a baby a little longer.

so that's where I'm at. busy. Crazy. ya know same crap different day.

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Jen said...

Ugh I hear you! On all accounts. I have babies everywhere and I can't seem to get it together long enough to get enough done. Seems like even when I do I work really hard, look around and realize I have barely made a dent and then give up and the cycle starts all over. Good luck! And go buy a baby gate! Soo glad I finally sucked it and spent the money it is nice to know they are contained!

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