Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Prep- parties, bunko and holiday OCD

It's been a few days.

I was frantically prepping for a Family Christmas party at my house this last weekend and of course black friday shopping.

My house is tidy now and I am still frantic getting ready for bunko at my house later this week.

The flu stopped by, just in time to cause Pierce to vomit all over the kitchen tile JUST as company was arriving for the party.

of course I was out of paper towels.

that was awesome.

My tree is not quite decorated and my holiday OCD is in full swing as I attempted decorating the tree with the kids and decided I couldn't handle it.

Joy told me," Christmas is NOT the time to be a FASHIONISTA about the tree. We have to put EVERY ornament on the tree whether it matches or not!"

of course I die a little inside thinking of my glorious fuchsia and turquoise and lime green tree decorated with gold macaroni and sandpaper gingerbread men.

I used to hide those at the top in the back "so they are safe" but thinking I'd have a decorator display tree, I bought the rotating tree stand.

That choice is haunting me now. I'm thinking i'll do one side designated for the kids and just not rotate it when company is over.

of course there might just be something wrong with me and I just have to get over it because at this point, the hubs and my mom are scared to help me decorate it, thinking I won't be happy with how they do it.

also, I'm in a stupor thinking I can't decorate it yet , I just need...

about a hundred dollars worth of delights to add to it.

If only I could rationalize spending the money right now on my tree instead of gifts for the kids. hmm that isn't going to happen but I admit

I'm dying for new giant ornaments, or new fabulous garland. I saw one tree with Giant sparkly snowflakes, and enormous candy canes in pink and lime green coming out of the top in MY COLORS!

I've also seen darling clay and felt cupcakes and ice cream cones. I'm delusional and think HMM, I could craft some, sure I could, but right now is not the time to bust out the craft supplies.

maybe after bunko.

THEN I'll have time to craft and get my Christmas on. or maybe I will get over it.

what party prep do you have going on?

what is your decorating style?

Holiday Color scheme?

kids ornaments, how do you deal with them?

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Heather said...

We have a little 6 foot tree the kids can decorate with all their ornaments, they even get to decide where to put it, they LOVE having their very own tree "cause mom is picky". I have my big 7 foot pre lit tree in the front room with my delicate crocheted ornaments and cranberry garland, my colors are red white and country blue, I too like to have mine decorated a certain way, the hubs doesn't even attempt to help anymore!!

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