Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Minute Christmas thoughts on christmas eve.

I'm up late wrapping gifts. The hubs is crashed out in the chair, "giving moral support".

I'm thinking this is the last year the kids will all have matching Pj's. This year might even be a stretch. I'm crossing my fingers that the kids XL fit the older kids.

I wonder if my kids will notice Santa wraps in 2 kinds of wrapping paper and mom and dad wrap in 2 others, but all the tags and writing is the same silver sharpie.

The hubs said I'm the only one paying attention.

Peyton is just like me and doesn't want any surprises. He wants to know everything.

The kids drew names for each other this year. I took 3 shopping together and I should have turned around and gone home when Pierce (age 5) started hitting me in the head with a random roll of wrapping paper that was in the car(from joy's art project @ school).

Instead I went to the store and proceeded to wrangle 3 kids, help them pick a thoughtful yet affordable gift for their secret sibling, while they acted like nut jobs, having a foam sword fight in the store and begged for candy and gum at the register.

I took them home and said,"get out of the car!" And drove off. I needed a minute alone before I went out again.

I took Liberty solo, and while I was out I picked gifts from the other 2 kids, so I wouldn't have to go again.

Anyway. I think i'm set, I have a list of last minute stuff to get. What genius saves it until Christmas eve? Yeah, that would be me.

Food stuff, and batteries.

Have a very merry Christmas!

Hugs, Crazymama!

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Janna said...

I haven't wrapped one thing yet.... Merry Christmas

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