Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'll take Organize with a side of simplify.

Now that Christmas is over (and that stress is gone) I'm thinking about New Years. and with this year coming to an end, I had to go back to the archives to find my Word of the year 2011!

it was .

which was completely APPROPRIATE.

While I may have forgotten that was the focus, I never failed in my actions to persevere.

Like that is an option anyway?

but reading the years posts, I very rarely gave up hope or wallowed for long.

of course, why would I? 2010 was so bad this year was freaking AWESOME in comparison.

I'm on an upswing and I plan to continue.

for 2012 my word of the year is


2010 was my year of Wisdom

2008 was Try

2009? was FUCHSIA.

so in the last few weeks, I found myself saying in multiple situations that my lack of organization ended up costing me money, or causing me undue stress, or irritating me for one reason or another.

I'm going to get on it this year. 2012, the list is long of things I need to organize.

the kids, their stuff, their time.

my stuff, my time, my money.

dinner plans, and grocery lists. laundry. carpool.

ya know the important things.

of course I'll have to simplify because it's said, you can't organize clutter.

it will be good.

so final answer Organize with a side of simplify.

i'm not doing resolutions. the word of the year will take care of those.

and hey, i'm already organized enough to decide early and get it posted. really though, i had to do it early before i forgot.

I'll ORGANIZE my Christmas pictures and post soon.

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KaraLyn said...

Woohoo for organizing!!! My word is "Happyness". Organizing will be mixed in b/c organized surroundings makes me happy! We need to play again soon :)

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