Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa paid the rent and other Christmas stress.

My kids keep coming up with something else they want for Christmas.

At this point I just totally shoot their ideas down. I don't even want them to get their hopes up that Santa will come through with a last minute request.

It's not happening. Santa is tapped out.

I'm done shopping. or I mean the money is gone, so I'm done.

I'm kind of sick over it.

I mean, money is tight anyway but somehow right now, it's been even tighter.

We are a cash only family. (no credit.)

Which is good and bad.

Bad when extra things come up, but good because we live within our means and we won't get stuck paying for Christmas long after the toys are forgotten or broken.

Christmas is definitely an extra. while we can only afford the basics.

We hit the store last night trying to even things up without spending anymore and as I saw the things I was planning on buying originally but don't have the money to get them, I grew disheartened, the joy is gone for sure.

I want to wallow but I know, others are struggling more that me this year.

We truly are blessed.

Compared to others out there and among my friends, we won't be having the worst Christmas but it's still hard for the kids to understand

In comparison, to past years, this is definitely NOT my worst Christmas ever.

I think the year the hubs graduated college, we had 6 kids and I was off my thyroid meds at christmas waiting for a post cancer follow up scan, and getting a call that my biopsy results were bad news while I was at bath and body works of all places, tops them all, worst Christmas ever. after that, every year is awesome in comparison.

I think about that year, and my friends struggling i realize...

what am I wallowing about?

this year is awesome. I feel decent( health wise) . The hubs has a good job, with a steady income that meets our basic needs. I have a herd of healthy kids. We have a comfortable house to live in.

but just in case I start to wallow or the kids are disappointed with what I was able to purchase this year.

maybe I'll wrap a box and put it under the tree that says....

Merry Christmas kids, you got to go see the dr. and have your meds. Yay!

Merry Christmas Kids, Santa paid the rent. whoohooo. sorry he couldn't hook you up with Drums and a Bass guitar like you asked for.

Merry Christmas Kids, this year it's not all about the gifts,

I'm trying to satisfy the lack of material items with a focus on quality family time. I like being the awesome mom who bakes something amazing every week, goes to every concert and soccer game and sits and talks to her kids and enjoys their company and watches Christmas movies by the fire, drinking hot cocoa. and maybe if we are lucky it will snow again on the mountains and we'll make a day trip of it.

Someday they won't remember they didn't get what they asked for, but hopefully they will remember how lucky we are to be together, and sometimes just being together is more than enough.

the pic, is a glimpse of my tree, the thrift store table I refinished to put it on so the baby wouldn't ruin it, and the baby enjoying the lights in the window

good luck this week with all the last minute stuff to do and gifting and traveling and everything in between.

huge hugs and Merry Christmas to you!

♥ Crazymama!

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tammy said...

Lots of things to be thankful for, but sometimes it's hard for the kids to see that. Today we paid off the hospital finally. That is a huge gift for me (and that LP is still with us). I hope I'm making traditions with my family, and that's what they'll remember rather than the gift (or lack of gifts). I can remember lots of family fun and traditions, but only remember 3 gifts from when I was a kid. Hopefully they will too.

Nancy Pitney said...

Just so you know, I think I can remember about 2 gifts from my childhood. The whole childhood. You are so right about them remembering the other stuff. Being a cool mom is way more important than buying cool toys. Trust me. Besides, I think one of the valuable things I learned growing up was being disappointed in not getting everything I wanted. That's life, right? The sooner we learn it, the better. Merry Christmas!

Jen said...

You are a great mom, thats what counts. Your kids have food in their bellies, have a roof over their heads, they have what they need. And they won't remember what they got and when, you are right they will remember the fun Mom they had and what you did for them!

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