Sunday, December 4, 2011

RAD /not rad - random style.

Rad- Pierce wore a shirt and tie to school on Friday, he picked it out himself.

not rad- i didn't get a picture of him.

Rad- Peyton's band concert at his school dance and music festival. was awesome.

Not rad- paying $5 bucks for the baby's ticket.

Not rad- having the ONLY people i didn't want to see there sit right behind me. my past life haunts me.

Not rad- a scene in front of the people i didn't want to see, and then tears in front of an audience.

Rad- bunko -my turn is over for the year in this group and it went well.

Not Rad- a 2 hour concert in the middle of bunko prep.


not rad- Joy balded her own head, in the front. She pulled out hair in the front where people can see. leaving a bald spot.

rad- i changed her part and you can't really tell.

Not rad? seriously. self balding isn't cute.

RAD- my tree stand i refinished looks AWESOME.

super rad- my tree is rad. it's like an I spy tree. pictures coming eventually. maybe. but believe me. it's rad.

Rad- my glitter boyfriend is out again. i ♥ him!

not rad- there are only 3 weeks until Christmas. and ONE PAYCHECK! I'm panicking. severely.

Rad- my Christmas playlist! you are welcome!

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Hulk Granny said...

Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses, best christmas song ever! ~shannon

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