Monday, January 16, 2012


before I forget.... just a couple of things the kids have said in the last week or two.

Pierce and I were riding in the car alone, and he saw a guy riding a Harley, he noted, "hey you have to wear a helmet when you ride a bike, but you only need a head scarf and a face mask to ride a motorcycle. I want to ride a motorcycle!"

When I was picking up cheap pizza the other night, Pierce again came along, (he needs lots of time with mama).

Next to the cheap Pizza place, is a salon. Pierce noticed someone getting her hair colored and said, "hey mom, they paint ladies hair in there, you should get your hair painted!" I said, "I got my hair painted yesterday".

Apparently my current color wasn't what he had in mind, he said I needed to "get it painted Pink."(or something more exciting and less natural looking.)

This weekend the hubs and I were on a date and we had the baby with us, it was crowded inside so while we waited, he was determined to climb onto the dash in the car for our buzzer to signal they had a table ready for us.

While he was up there I said, "DUDE!" and he copied me. DUDE!

It was officially his first word after jabbering mama and dadada. He said it a bunch of times that night and is now selective when he'll say it again.

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Jen said...

lol! I love Pierce, he is so funny! That pic of Patriot is super cute. Jealous of your date night!

One Fantastic Housewife! said...

Popped over to say hi! I am back in blogland! Yippee!

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