Monday, February 27, 2012

two washers in my kitchen

up until late this afternoon there were 2 washing machines in my kitchen.

mine crapped out a few weeks ago. it wasn't draining. and would stop partway through the cycle.

so the laundry started to build up.

then last week the hubs was home sick with a horrible case of pneumonia, 2 cycles of antibiotics and steroids later he's doing bettter.

so as the laundry started to pile up and the washer stopping more and more, i started to panic. finally wwe started to look for replacement washer or a repair man.

the hubs found another of the same style and brand of washer for sale for a hundred bucks. we called, it was broken too but a different part was needed than in ours.

the hubs went and bought it for $75, brought it home and put it in the kitchen, then got our machine out and set it in the kitchen as well.

then, he took them apart.

you can imagine my delight. tools and p

arts strewn about the kitchen and family room. parts carried around by kids, tools being played with by the baby.

i tried to avoid it by being gone.

all weekend there were part of washing machines here and there, in my way. he started friday night an hour before we had to leave for the school carnival. saturday he tried to finish but started getting dizzy and

weak working on it. sunday was more of the same.

by sunday i started

panicking. no school clothes were clean, no uniforms, no towels for showering and no washer to wash them in.

we hit the laundry mat for a couple

hours, spent almost

30 bucks and did 19 loads of laundry.

we came back with everything folded and sorted and 2 black garbage bags of clean towels. hallelujah!

today the hubs was feeling well enough after skipping the steroids

to work on it.

he got the 1 whole machine put back together, our original drum had to be moved to the new machine, our belt put on, it's pump fixed our machines lack and finally it was put together and put back in place.

i'm so lucky he's handy.

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Mamarazzi said...

oh man i love my husband, you know i do, but he could NEVER fix a washing machine. ever.

he CAN do most work on cars tho.

so i guess that makes him a little handy.

you are my hero taking all that laundry to the laundry mat. i use to do that every few weeks with my sister who could not get a handle on her laundry mountains.


i went to open a bag of DIRTY laundry to load and it was CLEAN laundry i had washed and folded for her the last time. grrr.

andrea said...

So happy for your handy husband and a working washing machine. Too bad you had to endure a trip to the laundromat....but hey! That's a lot of clean clothes and towels! :)

My husband knows I hate doing the laundry. It's just because it has become an endless cycle....monotony. So this past week when I was down with a kidney stone, he got me all caught up. Even mentioned to me how it isn't hard, just knock the loads out. Instead of slapping him, I just said, "Once you've done it for 10 years and find it the most hated and boring task ever, then come back to me and tell me how easy it is to just knock it out."

Husbands. Gotta love 'em! ;)

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