Friday, March 30, 2012

a caftan or flutter sleeves? friday confessional.

I confess i have been panicked lately about Easter coming next week. again i'm not prepared. How do these holidays keep sneaking up on me? i need to get Easter outfits for the kids and think about what i'm making and wearing to the family Easter picnic.

I confess as i look around at all the plus size Easter dresses for me, i'm hating them all. seriously we don't all want to wear a caftan. or flutter sleeves. why is there no middle ground between lace and sequins and knit. I don't want satin, i don't want knit. some knit is ok but i'm not in love with anything i've found. and best part is i confess i don't have money to even buy anything yet. still it irritates me. wishing there was something cuter.

I confess it's sort of killing me that the baby is now a toddler. dude thinks he can walk, he's doing pretty well. he tries all day long. he falls and gets right back up. he is so damn cute.

I confess this kids were all late today for school. when we were out of drinks for lunches, i said we'd go buy cheap soda at the pop machine. we were already late, might as well embrace it.

I confess I'm pretty stoked about getting acceptance letters to the school across the way yesterday, we are defecting from our assigned school and took advantage of open enrollment for next year. I'm hoping the switch is magical.

I admit i felt pretty good when the 4th grade teacher was sad to hear about us leaving. she's had 2 of our kids, it's nice to know she doesn't think we suck and will miss us.

what are you confessing today?


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Jamie said...

I'm not ready for Easter either. We just have too many things to handle and take care of that anything extra gets put off! AHHHH! I do have everyone outfits ready though(minus accessories which may or may not happen!), except me of course, because I don't want to spend the money.

Yay for a new school. I hope it works out well for you guys. :-)

Ducky said...

I got an outfit for my daughter yesterday for Easter. I didn't even THINK about what I would wear!!!! I'm do glad you reminded me. Wonder of I paired ruffle socks with my jeans if that would be enough? ;-) Happy Friday

Anonymous said...

We aren't ready for Easter either, but I do have a few outfits in mind for my little guy that I think he will look super cute in. As for me.. Well I have a few super cute summer dresses, but the weather here is so crappy that I don't know if I am willing to risk it! Our weather likes to trick you.
That's great that their teacher was sad to see them go! Makes you feel good, huh :)

tammy said...

Having Easter, bunko, and Taylor's prom all in the same weekend is stressing me out a little. I'm glad I don't have to do Sharing Time this Sunday. Easter outfit for me mostly involves new pink and orange jewelry I found at Charming Charlie's yesterday. I haven't even gotten around to getting the boys new ties yet. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe not.

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