Thursday, March 29, 2012


we make hundreds of little choices every day.

when to get up.

what to wear.

what and when we eat.

how we do our hair. if we do our hair.

make-up or not.

who we talk to.

some have no effect long term and some do.

some choices cause or prevent heartache.

some choices can kill a whole afternoon.

often some of my choices are regretted within hours of making them.

the choice to eat ice cream is always one I regret.

the choice to leave the house for a little too long can cause insane messes caused by unsupervised children.

the choice to stay up too late always makes it hard to get up in the morning.

the choice to skip my meds. for a day or two it doesn't matter, in a few weeks though, it can get ugly.

just taking my allergy meds can make or break my week.

the choice to skip the kids meds on the weekend, holy crap they need them. I dole them out every school day but suffer the consequences of annoying behavior if I skip them on the weekend.

We made the choice to sacrifice the hubs being home every week to take a job travelling to support our family. sure it's hard single momming it with 7 kids, but it's better than unemployment.

Every day we make choices. To make the best of things or to wallow and live in denial.

we can dwell on the hardships our choices have brought or we can decide to make a change.

We can choose happiness.

we can make better choices.

we can admit that sometimes we haven't made the smartest choices and move on deciding to make better choices in the future.

we can make a choice or not but either way there will be an effect.

choosing to live in denial. choosing to ignore problems, choosing to avoid making any real decisions. life still happens whether you are really living it or avoiding reality and ignoring it.

I would rather make a choice.

I might regret it later but it's better to make one and admit it wasn't a great idea, than to never have made any choices at all.

I make the choice to be positive instead of negative.

I choose to laugh when I want to cry.

I choose to sing a happy song when I really want to scream.

I choose to look on the bright side.

what choices do you make?

what choices do you always regret? but make them anyway.

Let's make good choices and choose to focus on the bright side.

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Ruthie Girl said...

I remember asking my husband to make a choice for me. I trust him more than me and didn't want to be wrong.

Recently I have had to make TWO life changing decisions. I'm glad I gained the confidence.

Right or wrong it's what I want. And I am happy to saw I know what I want. Not anyone else.

Nice post.

Jen said...

Love the post! I need to be reminded that I need to get off my rear and just choose and go with it.

tren said...

What a great post! I need to do a lot better at choosing happiness.

Kenzie R. said...

Amazing post! Thanks for sharing :) It is definitely hard to make choices sometimes, especially when you aren't sure of the outcome. But happiness over not is always the best choice.

tammy said...

Love these quotes and this post.

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