Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When I'm feeling ugly and other randoms.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and tell myself, "gosh, I am SOOOO Attractive!"

Of course it's when I have bed head and I'm feeling ugly in an unflattering outfit.

and yet when I look decent in a good outfit and fabulous make up I only slightly think I look ok.



On Sunday Liberty (age 12) was rescuing Patriot from broken glass , when he dumped a kitchen table bench over on her toe. The impact split it open under the nail and cut the side, the poor thing, it wasn't where they could stitch it. Her nail was instantly purple and slightly green and she'll lose it for sure. She can't put on a shoe and we have been bandaging it up.

I asked to take a picture but she wouldn't let me.

she's been home from school for two days. because I know if she went it would for sure be a magnet for clumsy kids and she'd be bawling at school over her injured toe. She can barely walk and i can't blame her for not wanting to go.

She sits on the recliner watching netflix on her phone all day. of course the alternative is watching Yo Gabba Gabba with Patriot.


Yesterday I was frantically searching for Patriot's social security card. The hubs was trying to get the taxes done when he realized we didn't have it. It wasn't on last years taxes because he's new on this years taxes. Apparently I put it somewhere safe last year in a postpartum haze, unfortunately that meant it was lost and not in the safe place we keep everyone else's cards.

Luckily the hubs found it. but not until after I'd cleared off my catch all crap shelves.


It's Easter week. Sunday I colored eggs with the kids.

There were more brightly colored eggs but Joy took hers, she wasn't sharing.

looking at this picture makes you jealous huh,

decorating eggs outnumbered 7 to 1 = So fun!

Patriot prefers dipping with his hands.

I baked my traditional Easter cookies early this year. they were delish. the kids don't really like them because there are pecans in them, Which means more for me. yay!

somehow our matching tin easter buckets from last year have all been ruined. so I need to get new ones again.


Last night I planned on breakfast for dinner, we were in a hurry and it's easy. Every single kid said, "pancakes again?" seriously, these people are gonna start cooking dinner soon and see how fun it is to hear everyone whine about it. there was eggs and hashbrowns and sausage too. They like how the hubs scrambles eggs better than mine. i swear i'm going on strike soon.

SO those are just a few of the delights of my week so far.

living the dream people, i'm living the dream.

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tren said...

Wow, you're on the ball, coloring eggs a whole week ahead! I'm usually scrambling to find a time to do it on Easter morning before church because I haven't gotten to it and the kids are whining about not having done it yet.

Ouch! Poor Liberty!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Beautiful eggs! Looks like a fun time.

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