Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring break 2012 day 3- Pump It Up

today we had scheduled to spend time with our favorite cousins.

then, my fabulous neighbors brought over some free passes to Pump It Up. it's an inflatable entertainment place in Tempe.

so instead of going to the park we moved the party to Pump It Up and the kids ran and jumped themselves ragged in air conditioned comfort.

We went with my sister maria and her kids, my sister Janie came too and a facebook friend took me up on my offer for some extra free passes. which worked out great because my girls don't have anyone that matches up with maria's or janie's kids.

the kids kept going in this air cyclone thing. it's a booth that if you put money in, it blew air on you for a minute or two.

Riot kept going in there. then when the kids got money and put it in, 9 of them jammed in together to enjoy the wonder.

the kids had a fabulous time. of course when the fun is over, the begging begins to extend the party. which irritates me to no end. maria, took some of mine home, janie took some of maria's and the other girls took the party to grandma's house.

Pierce got the shaft so i consoled him with a trip to target. he picked some cool sunglasses and a mens travel deodorant as his prize. what 5 yr old wants deodorant? funny guy! .  then we went and rented a redbox and got icecream. 

spring break is half way over. i can't say i'm sad. It's always a huge wake up call that I'm totally not ready for summer vacation.

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Mamarazzi said...

that place looks RAD! i also super love that Pierce chose men's deodorant as his prize...awesome.

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