Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a triumph nonetheless

i just wasted half a can of dry shampoo trying to kill a fly in the downstairs bathroom.

it was one of those black overly large, loud, flies. bigger than an average housefly and damn it if he caught me on the wrong night!

i chased him around with the back of a paddle brush first.

banging into walls and still he got away when i thought of using something in a spray can to take it down.

a-ha! dry shampoo, i spray in it's direction but it still got away, i sprayed more, over by the vanity lights, and on the mirror.

then the wall, and it just flew faster taunting me.

it landed on the ceiling mocking me and that's when i whapped him with the back of the brush, flattening him, crowing in triumphant victory.

Then i'd cleaned it off the ceiling with toilet paper and deposited it into the toilet for someone to pee on in the morning.

i went upstairs, and asked the hubs if he'd heard the banging or the yell.

of course not.

it was a triumph nonetheless.

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