Friday, April 27, 2012

don't look too closely...friday confessional

It's friday and i'm confessing with Mamarazzi!

The eldest texted me from his field trip to the Grand Canyon that Wednesday he held hands with the girl he likes. (Sqeeeee)

I confess i was a little surprised (a) he was that brave and (b) that he told me. I can't wait for details on it. Who initiated? Was there more hand holding? This is our first venture into teenage things and it's totally entertaining and scary all at the same time.

I love having "fancy" manicures and since they only last a few days with my rigorous lifestyle i do them myself often. I confess it thrills me and embarasses me all at the same time when people comment about my paint job. I never want anyone to look to closely. They are always dinged or not perfect.

I'm rocking a red and silver half moon manicure. I'd post a pic but i'm too embarrassed to have anyone study it.

I confess the remote is missing for my bedroom TV,  i haven't found it all week and i am gonna have the hubs find it for me now that he's back in town. He's been gone,  but i am pretty sure he knows where the remote is. I might have been tempted to call him in Toronto to ask.

I have bunko @ my house next week. I confess i never want to give up the prizes i bought. Especially when it's a fabulous one of a kind item. So i got a new accent table today. It was going to be a bunko prize, but i can't bring myself to part with it. I think i'll just go get a gift card instead.

I confess...hostessing bunko is super stressful. Probably even more stressful because i haven't planned ahead or done anything to get ready. And maybe becUse i spend money i don't really have to spare buying extra fabulous things that i can't part with.

I confess i had a fabulous week. It started out rocky but i made it fabulous and darn it, it was freaking amazing. Lunch dates, productive mornings, shopping but not really buying anything.

I confess, with the teenager gone, 6 kids is really easy. And the time i have saved not driving him across town to and from school has been awesome. I didn't realize how much stress that adds to my life.

I confess the hubs and I found a new fabulous luxury movie theater here. It was amazing. I'm dying to go again. 3 feet of leg room, nice leather reclining seats, a call button for a waiter to order and bring food. Amazing.

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Kenzie R. said...

How exciting about your son, ooh holding hands!
I love painting my nails, but I too always have chips in dings in them soon after I paint them. It sucks! Haha.
Whenever something goes missing I always call my other half, he always knows where I leave everything. One of us has to.
What is bunko?
Wow, your movie theater sounds awesome!!

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