Monday, April 23, 2012

I'd rather deal with toddlers than teenagers.

When I had 4 little kids in diapers. I thought it would be easier when they grew up and went to school.

I took those first four everywhere. The mall all day, the zoo, museums, play dates at the park. Lunches every week.

Part of the crazy was having 4 kids in 4 years.

Part of it was potty training at the mall. (The family restrooms and mini potty was a huge motivator).

Part of it was no dating and no freedom away.

Flash forward to 7 kids. 9 years later.

I'm more rushed. More stressed and crazier. Sure it's no longer diaper changes and toddler messes making me crazy.

It's more noise, driving across town to take the teenager to a charter school and sassy mouths talking back.

The noise of video games, loud music and kid shows blaring in the background. Competing to be heard.

The teenager who loves his school but gives me fits about finding his uniform so i can wash it every week.

getting up and getting ready so i can drive him across town and back before i get the other kids to school.

And dude can't get it that he should be respectful, appreciate the sacrifices i make and help out just a little.

So while i have lots of free time now, babysitters and dates galore. It was easier to be in the trenches wallowing all day with little kids then deal with this.

Summer is coming. 4 weeks and it will be an all day affair.

And yet having them home, loud, making messes will be easier than dealing with an hour of getting ready every morning to get the herd out the door.

I'm gonna get medicated and movitated again. Prozac totally will take the edge off. It takes a certain amount of numbness to survive here.

Huge hugs and happy pills,


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VandyJ said...

I totally sympathize--I got to do the whole morning shuffle by myself this morning. I don't have nearly the kids to shuffle that you do but it's still a juggling act to make sure everyone goes the direction they need to.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

My oldest became a much nicer young lady once she was driving because she did not want the privilege taken away ;P

It will get easier with the teens. I promise! (I have a fourteen year old, too!)


Mamarazzi said...

LOL @ "it takes a certain amount of numbness to survive here"

you kill me. come here for a week or so this Summer...we can spend the days at the park, zoo, beach...whatever. give them all benedryl and drive!

teenagers are rough, it;s the stupid schedule of needing to be eleventy different places everyday, lame.

Anonymous said...

I love this post! You had me in stitches with the last bit about Prozac and huge hugs and happy pills! I'm not sure whether to be excited about my son growing up one day.. or dread it. But I only have one! At least.. for the time being.

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