Monday, April 16, 2012

Rad/ Not Rad - anniversaries and albums.

Rad- My 15 year anniversary is this Thursday.

SUPER RAD- the hubs bought me the new NEON TREES deluxe edition boxed set . it came with the deluxe album, the special edition view master and signed poster. I was super stoked it came today! HALLELUJAH!

love love love it.

It came out today in Itunes / online or in stores. Picture Show.

check it out. Buy it. listen. let's discuss.

RAD- i was super productive yesterday. Hot breakfast for the kids before Aims (standardized testing). dishes, laundry. baths, shower, dinner in the crock pot (we are having sweet pork tacos, with homemade pico de gallo and homemade mango salsa.)

Not RAD- no tax return for us. i had no idea we weren't getting one. i'm super bummed. apparently without a write off for owning a home we are screwed. so not rad.

Not Rad- I was up at 4:30 am from an event call, and couldn't go back to sleep. no nap. rockstar on board.

Not Rad- I spilled my Rockstar on My shirt. it was pomegranate Rockstar juiced. I had to strip and wash my shirt.

Rad- I already washed my shirt and I think it's probably dry already out on the pool fence. I don't dry my clothes in the drier. i do dry the kids clothes, just not mine. that way they don't shrink and they look better longer. (that's what I tell myself anyway) .

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