Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Traditions and Easter basket fun! WWTKW

It's "We want to know Wednesday" with Mamarazzi and Crazymama!

It's Easter this Sunday and I'm frantically trying to get it together before the weekend. I didn't realize it was early this year, who are we kidding, it's completely lack of planning on my part.

anyway. this week's questions are Easter themed. I hope you'll play along with us.


Grab these questions to play along....

what is your favorite easter tradition?

tell us about your easter meal.

do you decorate for easter?

your easter basket is not complete without....

are you getting an easter dress?

here are my answers!

what is your favorite easter tradition?

I love going to our annual easter picnic and candy hunt. (we don't bother with eggs). It's with my mom's family, all of her brothers and sisters and their kids and grandkids are invited and we go, visit and after we eat, the kids get to hunt for candy (non melting varieties) that have been scattered across a park. they run and fleece the field like locusts. in 5 minutes flat there is nothing to be found.

The kids love it. i love to spend a spring day with my siblings and cousins and see how much their kids have grown up.

My kids always wear matching outfits and look darling. I can't not buy them something new to wear. i take pictures. they see people we rarely see and they have to look fabulous doing it. not Sunday best, just cute and casual. for a couple years now they have insisted they don't match exactly, they are just coordinating.

Two years ago

Last year

wanna see Easter Picnics past?



the easter family shot 2008


tell us about your Easter meal.

depends on where we are, I like ham and funeral potatoes which are just a cheesy potato casserole. broccoli or green beans or asparagus. (did i tell you my kids ate 4 lbs of asparagus steamed the other day at dinner ?)

This year we are eating dinner at the in-laws. we are having ham or chicken and it's pot luck for the rest. I'm taking baked beans and blueberry jello. there will be rolls and veggies.

at some point there will be a legit egg hunt. they do it up.

do you decorate for Easter?

I do. I'm more springy but i have some bunnies i put out. I've done more in years past but like i said, it snuck up on me. come by tomorrow and i'll put pics up.

your easter basket is not complete without....

Reese's peanut butter eggs. marshmallow peeps and Cadbury cream eggs.

the kids all need a stuffed animal. the hubs likes jelly beans.

are you getting an Easter dress?

If i can find one. the girls always get one. and the boys get new shirts and maybe ties or sweater vests. we'll see what i find.

this was last year after church.

so that's what we want to know this week.

I hope you have a Happy Easter!

Hugs, Crazymama!


VandyJ said...

Your kids look adorable.
I like jelly bellies. Just about the only kind of jelly bean I like. I have to fight Turbo for them, but I really do like them.

dddiva said...

You have the most darling kids, they are just adorable. Ki is the only one of mine who will eat peeps- the others blow them up in the microwave.

The pb eggs, frozen, are my weakness.

Funeral potatoes sounds so- offputting, but cheesy potatoes you can't go wrong with, so I may just google them. ;) We do a potluck too with the extended family.

FYI roasting asparagus takes it to a whole new level- we like it with just a hint of lemon juice squeezed over when it's done, and some parmesan cheese. :)

Kenzie R. said...

Love the kids Easter outfits! That's cute that they coordinate :) Sometimes it can be a little daunting putting all that candy in eggs, so it must be nice to hide it around the park! I am so hungry now, reading about everyone's Easter eatings.

Mamarazzi said...

i love how your family all gets together for the egg hunt! i also love the outfits you put together for the herd. i always look forward to seeing what they all are wearing!

and now i want funeral potatoes.

great questions lady!

The Lovely One said...

I love the mohawk on your little guy! He looks too cute!

Jo said...

The big family get togethers is one of the things I miss about not living inthe same country as the rest of our family.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You have such an adorable family. I love these photos! So sweet!!!


PS I enjoyed the questions this week! Happy Easter!

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