Friday, June 15, 2012

what works for small families won't work for mine, but life is good.

Sometimes, very rarely, I covet smaller families.

 there are some handy tips to be found or to do but they aren't functional for my family because the sheer number of people using it, or eating it, it's impractical.

take this for example:

it's a great idea. but since i make lunches for 6 kids last year, i'd go through a box of capri suns in a day and a half if they didn't sneak one after school, mega packs of chips in a week, boxes of fruit snacks a day, granola bars too. i'd be refilling the damn drawers every day.

have you seen the pin on pinterest where there is a bin in the fridge with snack sized baggies of fruit, or other single serve items? like this...

that person, only has two kids, or lives alone.


at my house? it'd be gone in a heart beat, i'd use a million baggies a day, and i'd be irritated because i'd have to refill it, before everyone got a pack of whatever. and constantly.

is this only at my house that this happens?

a giant bag of grapes from the store is gone with one  afternoon snack, they easily eat a dozen apples a day, we need 2 bunches of bananas so everyone gets ONE. not to mention there are never any for banana bread.

a bag of chips or a box of cereal lasts a day, MAYBE. The giant club sized goldfish, doesn't last a week here, sometimes just a day. same with the 4lb bucket of red vines.

a party size lasagna, is barely one meal, and not enough if we have company.

if we go out for dinner for pizza and wings, with both adults and the 7 kids, we order 48 boneless wings and an extra large pizza.  A couple years ago, we used to get by sharing a large.

 wow. it doesn't seem that long ago.
maybe it's because i have teenagers and a handful in the tweens category these days?

the thought of back to school shopping has me frantic. there are 4 kids in adult sized shoes now, 3 wearing jr's sizes. i have to buy uniforms for 2 this year, and it's hard to find anything fabulous within the limited criteria declared by the school and the kids. BAH! i have 6 kids in school this year.

i'm not even going into the amount of paper goods or toilet paper we use, i think i buy a costco pack of tp twice a month?

and just think about the cost of braces, and contacts. it's intimidating. and unfathomable to some people.
dental and medical costs.

OMG, you don't want to live my life.

wait, this wasn't where i was going when i started this post. i was just saying tricks that work for small families, don't work for us.

we buy in bulk, OFTEN.

I cook for an army, which I was trained to do in my own family. I barely cooked when I only had a few to feed,  we were buried in leftovers, I ONLY KNOW HOW TO COOK FOR AN ARMY.  but I can feed a dozen people and think nothing of it.

we go to the movies, kids share 5 drinks in the refillable movie cups, we get the extra large popcorn and pass out small cups of it to everyone, i take baggies of candy or licorice with us and they pass it down the row until everyone has some.  and when the baby acts up, i leave the big kids to supervise while i take the baby to the mall and shop. they call me when their movie is over. it works great.

We don't eat out much as a family.

I started school shopping last week hoping to spread out the expense.

everyone always has someone to play with.

we'll do braces one or two at a time.

we have good insurance. contacts are only once or twice a year.

I have 7 amazing kids, who love each other, and while some ideas or tips don't work for us i have figured out plenty that do.

and the best part about having growing up teenage kids? built in babysitters so the hubs and I can go out.

at this point, i'm living the dream. i feel sorry for people who don't have siblings to play with and built in babysitters too. because LIFE IS GOOD!

Huge hugs and hot dates,

♥ Crazymama!

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Janna said...

But my kids are older and the older they get the more they EAT!
And we have 2 in braces, 1 finished,
and 1 left to get them.

Love your blog and wish we lived closer together!

My tall twin from another mother

Mamarazzi said...

my sister has 3 boys and has to LOCK up snacks and cereal because she works and the kids are home alone after school. she would have ZERO food in the house if she didn't do this and there would never be breakfast OR lunch stuff. as it is she stops at the market EVERY night to get a couple celery stalks, a bag of apples and eggs. she boils the eggs every night as she slices up the celery. the apples celery and eggs get eaten everyday...EVERYDAY after school. can you imagine if she left the cookies and twinkies out?

totes cray cray...and this is just 3 boys.

VandyJ said...

I ahd a glimpse of this the night my son had two friends over for dinner. They are all around 8-9 and they put away the food. scares me for when they are older and really start eating. I have the feeling we may be feeding the neighborhood kids then as we will most likely be the preferred hang out spot.

Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

Whoa, haha! I couldn't imagine going through so much food and stuff. I have one of my own and two-step sons, and I feel like we go through a lot of food! Now I know better ;)

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