Sunday, July 8, 2012

a 16 month old, fun summer hair and a tonsillectomy. consider yourself updated

I got a comment this week from an old reader that said she missed my rambling, random posts.

I miss them too.

I am sad I haven't journaled the wonders.  I still intend to.

so how was that for a wordy intro? as far as an update.

Patriot  is 16 months old now. he looks like this when he's sleeping. 

he's as long as my leg from foot to hip if i'm sitting down (I USED to wear a 36 inch inseam). and he weighs 25 lbs.

 he has 15 teeth, and he's full of mischief.

he can climb on the counter, open the fridge and get food out and knows just what he wants.

he'll pat the leftover pizza box for a slice. and he's always stealing fruits and veggies , the other day i found him gnawing on a whole cucumber.

the other morning i woke up to yogurt spread all over the carpet in the family room. one of the kids was watching him before i came downstairs.

the other day, the hubs and i came home from the store to find him sitting on the stairs in nothing but a baseball hat.

the next day, we came home from a lunch date to find him in a baby dress. Hope had dressed him up. i think she's wishing we had a baby sister.

check him out with this purse. i'm saving this for blackmail pics for later.


Did i mention i colored the kids hair for summer vacation?

Pierce was rocking a teal and blue mohawk. 

Liberty rocked Hot pink with some purple. 

 Peyton had teal with a little purple in the back.

it was fun for a week or two until it started fading, then the pink faded more baby pink and then blond, and the purple faded to lavender and eventually gray.  after about a month it was sick. i colored it red to color over, but it's faded already. i have new golden brown to do it back to a real color.

the teal faded to a disgusting minty, green.  so i shaved it off today. they have a month to get some length so they can have normal hair for back to school. 

i'm super glad i never did Paxton's or Hope's Hair. I'm seriously regretting coloring the kids hair.
it was fun while it lasted and a good lesson learned.

I dip dyed Joy's hair with the intention of doing a two color ombre look. we only did the teal though, i wanted pink, she wanted purple. it was an ordeal , can you see the green ends on her straggly hair? it isn't fading like the others, i'm just going to have to cut it off before school starts.


 on June first Hope had her tonsils and adenoids out. 

she was pretty excited about it before. 

but it was a rough couple of weeks recovery.

she wasn't into eating popcicles. she just wanted real food. but she's a mellow kid so keeping her relaxing was not an issue. 

how's that for an update? 
 better than nothing. 

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Mamarazzi said...

i love your updates too. i miss the old days of blogging. these days it just feels like a chore...i need to find a balance. i am hoping that will come once we have a house full of kids and there are more things to blog about. i guess we will see. i think most of it will go on the private blog, though the thought of maintaining TWO blogs full time makes me wanna vomit.

bummer about the hair color being less than delightful. the pics of Riot in the dress are adorable and him sleeping sooooo cute. he has such lush lashes and those lips...darling!

Renee said...

Ahhh, nice post! I always threatened my Mom when I was a teenager that I was going to color my hair green and shave off one side (very into the Cyndy Lauper look) and she told me it was my hair, do what I want! I let my kids do what they want to a point now. Fun times!

Janna said...

Loved it! the baby is so cute!
At least it was yogurt and not poop.
My twins did that one around the same age.

I really need to blog more too

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