Saturday, July 21, 2012

My life raising Teenagers and Toddlers

So, yesterday while I was hanging out with the baby I noticed a rather rank odor emanating from his diaper. I was sort of dying from the stench.

So I told him ,"you stink!"

to which he replied,"You Cuck" (you suck)  and pointed at me with his little pointer finger.

The little stinker is so freaking cute when he says it, but still.

It's one of the delightful effects of raising Teenagers and Toddlers at the same time.

The Teenager taught the baby that delightful phrase and the baby had only said it back to the teenager previously.  and now, I get to hear it.

Aimed at me it's less funny than when he's saying it back to the teenager.

With that thought, and a new blog on my mind (in the works), I'm thinking I could do code names. I thought about numbering everyone. easy enough, but how about more descriptive names?

 #1 The Teenager...

#2 The Diva...

#3 Curly

#4 Chatty Cathy or "the Drama queen"

#5 The Princess...

#6 Dragon- he's still going strong with that  name he picked for himself last year.

#7 The Toddler

#8 The Cupcake. because I've got one in the oven and I'm really hoping it's a girl this time. if it's a boy i'll go with "the caboose" or  generically "the baby".

yeah. #8. did you catch that? so, with that exciting news, THIS IS THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

Pierce tells me everyday, "I love the new baby"  and asks "how's the little man doing?" he's very attentive.

I already have a new private blog with a couple posts.

I'm thinking i'll keep it private and  keep this one public for blogher, and the link parties.

and keep Crazymamaof8 for the family journal and more private stuff. or the really juicy stories.


after a few weeks on bedrest i went in on 8/8/12 and the baby no longer had a heartbeat. it made it to 12.5 weeks in size but the cause is unknown. I will have a D&C on 8/10/12 to deal with the incomplete miscarriage.

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Lori Thompson said...

so out of it...You're preggo?!?!?!!! YEAH! So, so happy for you guys! On my blog I have those fake names that describe the boys...No "Princess" though! :)WHen do you find out about gender? Hope you're feeling well!

Nani Udall said...

Such a perfect little peanut! Sending girl vibes your way.

Jen said...

Woo Hoo! The cats finally out of the bag! You KNOW I want in on the private blog if you are sending invites! Hope you are feeling okay! When is the big FB announcement? ;)

♥Jess♥ said...

Congratulations... :)

Tracy said...

Wow Congrats!!! So happy for you. Take care of yourself.

Mamarazzi said...

LOVE that this is public, but i also loved being in on the secret.

and hellz yeah i want an invite!!

Libby said...

So excited for you.... And add me to your list:)

Renee said...

Ha! Couldn't figure out why the next post wasn't getting tons of congrats...I had missed this one!

Congrats again!!

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