Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rad/ not rad. netflix, subtitles,

Rad- the new fb game i've been playing, SONG POP it's in the android app store too. it's delightful. and i'm totally addicted.

Not Rad? the waiting for friends to play their turn.

Rad? business dinners. you know that job I do? I posted about it here. well we went out to dinner with the owner of the company we contract to. I thought it went well, I sat at my end of the table and entertained his wife. They are from Philadelphia . It was interesting to finally meet someone I've only ever talked to on the phone. and I learned all sorts of interesting facts about the owner and his family. I left feeling like I'm great at conversation with strangers.

Rad? I feel like the kids watching TV shows in Japanese with english subtitles is good reading practice. I mean they are reading, right? whatever it takes right?  so watching Anime on netflix and hulu plus is good for them.

Not rad? hearing these shows in Japanese in the background is sort of annoying. I don't think they need to hear anything if they are reading it. the music is super annoying and my kids watch TV way to loud. it really is just noise at this point.

rad? they say if you are exposed to those sounds before a certain age you are better with foreign languages, that means the baby will do better in the future with Japanese? in theory,  yes!

Rad? Netflix. I love the ease of watching a whole series, one show after another, season after season. I'm a late adopter to "Pretty Little Liars" and "How I Met Your Mother" . and "Vampire Diaries"

Not Rad?! waiting for the new season. I'm dying for the current ones to either come out in box sets or come out on netflix.

SUPER NOT RAD?  the kids watching RUGRATS for weeks on end EVERY FREAKING EPISODE! over and over. I'm ready to block it from netflix. can I do that? I really want to. It's annoying and making me insane.

Rad? my kids love fruit and veggies.

Not rad? I might go broke keeping the fridge stocked. we go through a dozen apples a day.

now do me a favor and get on song pop and challenge me to a game, my username is Crazymama.

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Anonymous said...

Some of those fb games are so addicting! I had to step away from the computer not too long ago because I couldn't stop playing words with friends and scramble with friends.
I miss having NetFlix! We cancelled our subscription at our last house and never got it back :(
That's to great your kids love fruits and vegetables.
Hope you are having a fantastic week!

KaraLyn said...

I agree about Rugrats! I haven't let my kids watch it for years!!! They use to be super mean to each other when they watched it, so I took it away! Oooohhhhh... Vampire Diaries {{{BLUSH}}}... yeah, I was addicted to that one too! Haha!

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