Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to school 2012-13

This month has gone ridiculously fast and been quite the extravaganza.
So I'm just now getting to the back to school pics. 
they were on Fb within the day but the blog is sadly neglected. 

Peyton 8th grade. 
He's taking Kenpo Karate, band (drums) , and geometry this year along with latin and whatever else is required for 8th graders. 

He thinks he's quite the ladies man. 
He has a fun group of friends (3 of which spent the night last weekend) 
 and is excited about school. 
He also thinks he's above hanging out with 7th graders. 
too bad his cousin and sister didn't know that going in. 
We have talks regularly about being nice, gentlemanly and  helpful and not acting like a douche. 

Liberty is in 7th grade
she's 5' 8 1/2" tall 
she's taking Kempo karate and Volleyball this semester
 along with playing flute in the band.

I discovered the downside to a 7-12th grade school. 
Last week a 10th grade boy was picking up on her in Kenpo, 
not realizing she was only in 7th grade. 
I'm glad she's still honest about how old she really is. I'll know to worry when she is not thrilled about making a guy feel dumb for thinking she is older than she is. 

She's sort of surprised boys like her and she mostly thinks they are annoying. 
which is great for now. 


 Paxton is in 6th grade. 
he's liking our change to a new school this year with the other elementary school aged kids.

He apparently has a girl holding his hand and hugging him goodbye at this point in the year. 
I can't wait until the class picture comes so i can see who this chick is. 
All he will tell me is her name is Brooke and he doesn't mind her attention. 

Joy is in 5th grade and has the most homework so far. 
She's in a class with my friends son so she knew someone on the first day. she's making friends and happy to go to school. yay! 

Hope is in 3rd grade. 
She loves school so far and she told me she made friends with one girl who already had a bunch of friends so she instantly had a whole bunch. which is great.

Pierce is in kindergarten again.
 just so he can be the oldest in class instead of the youngest. 

He's really not too keen on it thus far. and 3 weeks in he's refusing to go. 
last week there was a ridiculous scene that had him in tears refusing to stay, me in tears as i walked away and apparently that afternoon he went to first grade and came home as happy as a clam. 
It left me wondering what i should do now and considering Homeschooling, we all know that isn't happening so we'll have to work something else out. 
but you know it's bad when I consider homeschooling. 

we'll see how it all pans out in the next few weeks. 

And this is how Patriot looks after we've dropped everyone off for the day. 

i usually have him dressed but this was the first day and this is how he rode along. 

I have everyone dropped off before 8 am. 
and then it's just Patriot and i until 2:15. 
the hubs has been home for a few weeks and has helped make lunches and pass out the morning meds while i do hair and then drive. 

back to school was considerably different this year, with me on bedrest unable to do the shopping and meet the teacher. the hubs had to step in and pick up the slack.  the hubs had to do the driving for a few days which he realizes takes an hour in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. 

So I haven't met all the kids teachers yet and i'm feeling out of the loop, between that and losing the baby and recovering from that good time,

I won't even make it to curriculum night this year because i'm going out of town with the hubs. 
It's not how i usually do things and it's been an adjustment for sure. 

August has frankly sucked and I'm ready to move on to September. 

I leave you with a picture of my teenagers, on the first day. 
he'll catch up to her eventually. 
until then she likes to rub it in.
she's still got 2 inches on him. 

Huge hugs and happy school days!

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Lori Thompson said...

kids keep getting older faster and faster! They are all so beautiful and I'm lovin' Patriot's sneeky little smile!!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

You are truly blessed with the sweetest family. I hope all are having a great first week! I hear you are going on a little trip.... ;P

jeannie maxwell said...

Love the pics! Can't believe how old they are getting. And the baby...he is soooo stinkin cute!!!

Jo said...

Great looking kids! Hope they have a fantastic year!

Mamarazzi said...

love love love the pics.

the whole uniform things kills me a little inside. at least she can express her fabulous side through accessories and hairstyles!

i also love the whole talk about not being a douche...you kill me, so fantastic!

i cannot wait to see you!!

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