Sunday, August 12, 2012

"I'm Smooth like Butta", Rad/not rad

rad / not rad?

sure why not.

NOT RAD- the whole miscarriage ordeal. .

Rad- the surgery center place told me to wear something comfortable. I rocked skinny jeans and a black top with sequins because if my day is gonna suck, i wanna look good. not frumpy or pathetic. I did take a bag of comfortable clothes to wear home, i was glad i didn't have to put on skinny jeans while my goods hurt and i was still sort of loopy from the anesthesia.

Rad- I wore sunglasses to hide the tears and lipstick so no one could tell I was make up free.

Rad- i wouldn't give up my phone or my sunglasses until the last possible minute before I went into the OR

Rad- I had my fave song on my playlist on repeat with headphones on,

Rad- unbelievably sweet comments from blog and Fb friends. friends I've never met in real life and long time best friends. some made me teary I was glad I had my shades on, Texts, phone calls and private messages. sweet handwritten notes from neighbors with treats. I was thankful for each and every one.

not rad- the hubs buying the off brand of toilet paper when I've got issues with my girl parts. I guess he doesn't know we are a Charmin ultra family. at least he bought some toilet paper, the downstairs bathroom was totally out.

Rad- lemonade slush and sugar cookies for breakfast. My hubs made me the lemonade slush, with Pierce's new slushy maker and Real Lemonade (I love that stuff lately) and my sister texted to see what she could do for me and I said I wouldn't say no to a delivery of her sugar cookies. She came through. I'm  feelin' the love.

SUPER RAD? funny embarrassing stories shared by friends to give me a little something to giggle at. I always say laughter is the best medicine and instead of wallowing I asked my fb friends to share and they totally came through for me. my fave friend Lindsey shared a rad one with me on the way home from my ultrasound and instead of bawling i cackled for like 15 minutes. that is love. she always has the best stories.

Not rad? the rare complication actually happened to me. My uterus was perforated before the procedure as he was going in.  so before the D&C could happen.  I have to go through the whole thing again in a week or two. we'll do it at the hospital this time with an ultrasound guided procedure to make sure he's in the right place. apparently pregnancy makes your uterus soft anyway, and then my thyroid issues on top if it, made it extra soft I guess. so there was no resistance at all to indicate there was a problem. So i get to take it extra easy, so i don't aggravate that good time.

rad- being able to joke about it, right after it happened. My Dr. said my uterus was soft like butter, which i turned into the phrase, "I'm smooth like butta" you know. gotta keep it light. no need to get mad and freak out. what good would that do? nothing.  plus he  was super distraught and worried about me anyway.

rad- having a DR who cares about you and REALLY feels bad about the whole thing. I could tell he was upset and sad for me when he called me about no fetal heartbeat and having to do the D&C . and then he was totally horrified at the complications. He's a great man and a fabulous DR. I sort of love him. They loaded me up with 3 antibiotics by IV and sent me home with an oral antibiotic since now the biggest risk is infection.

Rad? pain meds. My Dr gave me the good stuff. I love that he does whatever I want. I've been loaded up on Vicodin all weekend. he agreed I shouldn't have to be in pain on top of the emotional trauma of it all. I'm glad we agree.

rad- my manicure that i did myself. the nurse noticed how fabulous it i as she was strapping my arms to the table.  note my accent nail is always the middle finger. it's my favorite. I'm classy like that.

RAD- my new Purse. I'm glad the hubs realized my need for a little consolation prize.
It's Michael Kors. it's leather and it matches everything. and by that i mean it looks rad, classy but edgy.

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Janice's footsteps said...

I adore the nails very cutesy and I am just throwing this out there because girl I hate my purse!!! I can not find anything to make up for my hate of my current purse, I think this purse you have pictured up there would be great therapy for me also LOL
Chick...THAT IS one HECKA cute purse (yes I said hecka sorry I am a Cali girl)
I pray for you to have healing both physically & mentally :))
oh and you rocked those shades and hairnet!!!

jeannie maxwell said...

Thinking of you. Sounds like you are looking on the bright side. Yay to the bright side. Keep your head up! Get some rest!

Mamarazzi said...

i love you. you my friend are super rad. i love how you cling to humor when the chips are down, i totally do the same thing...sometimes laughter is all i have to really get me through.

i know all to well what you are going through. the emotional part is as hard as the loss itself.

you've been in my prayers and will continue to be.

jeannie maxwell said...

Hey Julie! I'm trying desperately to find you on Instagram! Where are you??? Thanks!

tren said...

I haven't checked in on your blog in a while. I'm so sorry to read this sad news! That's good to look for the bright spots, but I know it still hurts. HUGS!

Amy said...

OK, I'm glad I'm not the only person who requires Charmin toilet paper. There is no substitution!

Manicure is fabulous, the middle finger is a nice touch. Super classy when someone needs the finger ;)

I love your attitude when you've just gone thru a sucky time.

Keep being fabulous!

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