Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ready to move on

Monday I had surgery again, at the hospital this time, to redo the D&C for the failed miscarriage.

It's been a long drawn out process and by the time came I was SO ready to be done. Physically and emotionally.

It was to the point I was on bedrest again,  just to avoid having the miscarriage at home over the weekend.

 I was just trying to get to Monday and the procedure.

 I'd started bleeding again Thursday, and yet didn't want anything to suddenly get worse when I was out in public. I'd heard horror stories of people having to push to deliver the placenta themselves which sounds totally hideous and not delightful. not to mention the mess.

So Monday we left before the sun was up for my 5:30 check in and 7:30 surgery time. My Dr was a little late. He sort of forgot after the weekend it had been scheduled so early.

apparently everything went great and he didn't think he'd perforated my uterus after all, turns out my uterus is just really big.

I was home by noon after stopping off for my favorite lunch special at barros on the way home. i spent the rest of the day in bed loaded up on percocet.

Pierce had been worried about me all weekend and kept close hanging out in bed with me.

 Monday he refused to go to school and opted to stay with Grandma after she dropped the bigger kids off. He talked about it all day wondering how long I was staying in the hospital and when i was coming home. he was all set to see my cut (which i didn't have) which resulted in a chat about girl parts and where babies come out usually. delightful.

Today he was happy to go back to school and have a good day.

I think all of us are ready to move on. It's been a hard month for all of us.

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Nani Udall said...

Just thinking of you today and wish I could hug you. I'm glad all went well and they gave you the "good stuff".

Jenni said...

I am glad it is over and you can move on now....and that you have such a great support system. I dread "that" talk too. My kids keep asking if they will cut the baby out....um, nope. Any pointers on how to approach that one??? ;)

jeannie maxwell said...

Thinking of you! I'm sure its not easy! You are very strong, you have that on your side.

Can I have your IG id. Thanks.

Claudia said...

so sorry to hear of your miscarriage! get well soon!

Lori said...

Thinking of you during this difficult time. I'm sorry you are going through this! Thoughts prayers and hugs to you and your entire family.

Lori in Iowa

Melissa said...

So sorry...I'm glad that you came through the procedure fine but sorry there was a need for it.

Rest and recoup. Feel better soon!

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