Wednesday, March 6, 2013

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we making dinner for the herd tonight, i'd decided on pancakes. kids like them, it's easy, done.

Pierce rememembered and has been talking about me making green pancakes last year, it was for St.Patty's day but he insists it was for Dr. Seuss' birthday. and since that was last Saturday, March 2nd. we celebrated tonight, with green pancakes. in the past I've attempted to make spider web pancakes too, so he wanted to make his own.

which looked like this....

anyway, when we called the other kids up for dinner Joy said,"What's with the green pancakes?"

Pierce explained his logic and Joy replied,"That was green eggs and ham, not green weirdness!"


I saw an article on my facebook feed about the floral printed skinny jeans for plus size ladies. they make them, I've yet to find a pair I love, and I have to confess, i'm afraid they would make my butt look like an overstuffed floral couch. they would have to be the right print, in the right fit for me to buy some. I'll keep an eye out.

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The Lovely One said...

Please post about them if you find the plus size floral skinnies! Although I would have to agree with you, I can't imagine that looking very flattering on me!

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