Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Focusing on the ice in my cup

How often do we focus so much on just a part of our lives that we lose out on enjoying the whole experience?

let me tell you a story....about my sonic drinks.

Since we've moved, and I don't have a convenient  location nearby or in the direction I normally drive, so I have to plan ahead now to have a drink on hand.

Oddly enough I only drink a Route 44 Ice water with extra extra ice. I like the Ice, the cup and the straw.

So since I don't live around the block anymore, I go, Buy one drink and 3 extra giant cups of ice.

 I take them home and put them in my freezer for those late nights I need a cold drink, or before afternoon pick-up. I have a mini stockpile in my freezer for such occasions.

So just now, I went out to the freezer, grabbed a cup of ice and went to fill it and noticed a dent with a hole in the side.

Since I have other cups around, not drinkable but not empty. I dumped one out from last night, and began to transfer the ice from the broken cup into the old cup.

I had to chop on it with a butter knife to break up the frozen ice, I dumped most in, but the bottom was frozen solid.

I should have stopped there, but I kept going.

So I started peeling the cup away, then I hacked at the block of ice, flinging bits of ice around the counter and kitchen floor.

 I added water to make it thaw more and started peeling again.

 FINALLY I freed that block of ice.

 Just as I went to put it in my cup, I dumped all of the good ice out of the cup into the sink, creating a puddle on the counter and a spill on the floor and the only ice I had left was the solid chunk.

I sighed, picked up the chunk of ice from the sink and put it in my cup, and what would you know?

That damn chunk of ice prevented the straw from reaching the bottom of the cup now, it made a mess on my floor, and I lost all my good pellet ice.

If I'd stopped while I was ahead, I would have more ice in my cup. I wouldn't have to mop ice and water off of my ,freshly mopped yesterday, floor.

You could say I would be happier if I would have stopped focusing so much on the solid chunk, and embraced what I actually had in my cup already.

Which lead me to a moment of clarity where I wondered how often in life do we miss out on something really great because we are too focused on just one part of our life?

Too focused on work and miss out on spending quality time with our families?

Too focused on our cell phones or computers to catch the simple funny things our kids say and do?

Too focused on something we might want, but not willing to put in the effort to get it, and miss out on what we  really want, and also miss out on what we already have that is pretty great.

Too focused on how we look, to feel really comfortable in a situation.

Too focused on little things or seemingly big things, but not necessarily "the right" things in life.

So are you focused on the ice already in your cup? or the ice you think you want in it?

Sometimes we lose the better portion of it, focusing on the wrong part of it.

those are the deep thoughts brought to you from my sonic cup.

Big hugs and sonic drinks, XOXO,


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Heather said...

Awesome post and very deep! Our society promotes "more is better" so we look past what we have and look to what we don't have but want, it's a sad vicious cycle.

Janan said...

Love it! Glad your up and running again! I missed your posts!

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