Monday, April 8, 2013

It's a Rockstar kind of Monday.

Sometimes I have something pop into my head that I want to share via FB status but then, I don't post it, or I delete the post.

 Sometimes I don't really have anything interesting to talk?post about because everyone already saw it on FB or instagram.

call these random? or confessions. either way it is what it is, you might call it TMI.


If you ever notice I smell a little more masculine than pretty it's because I wear Lance's cologne when he's out of town, or even when he's in town. he doesn't usually wear any. The logic goes like this.... I love the smell, who am I impressing anyway? I smell fabulous to me. so there it is.


On Monday every week,  all day,  I am more exhausted than usual. I don't know if it's the long weekend, or later nights out, or just the early mornings but I usually have to drink a rockstar or nap.  It's a rockstar kind of monday.


So today I was trying to nap on the couch while Riot was watching Fresh Beat Band (it's his fave) and then he puked dill pickle and bananas on the leather couch. while I was trying to get something to clean it up, he puked again, on the carpet. I cleaned it up with a ton of paper towels and FOLEX. Leather is way easier to clean than fabric or carpet.


The other day I found Pierce (age6) out by the tree in the backyard surrounded by empty water bottles that were littering the ground. He watered the tree back there, with bottled water. I should have taken a picture before i yelled at him about not wasting water, or telling him to clean it up.

There we are. Living the dream.

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Cara said...

You are seriously the funniest woman I know. I can just imagine Pierce watering that tree with expensive bottled water....too funny

Laura said...

❤ Ha ha.

Jo said...

Dill pickles and banana would make me puke as well ... yay for easy cleaning leather couches

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