Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Knife Wielding Toddler

Occasionally, I just want to sit in my office and read an article in peace.

When I say my office, I mean my bathroom and the article was something I'd found on the importance of finding the right bra fit. and I was just in there to pee which takes far less time than it does to read the article but like i said i was hoping for a moments peace.

instead...the 6 year old followed me and i had to wrestle the door closed and locked it, not sure if he had his cousin with him. The toddler was not far behind, so as Pierce asked me questions at the door about our summer plans and the amenities at the water park, Patriot was slamming the shower door over and over again.

I sat in silence hoping they would give up and leave me alone.

Then I heard screaming from the family room as I gave up on my article, pulled up my pants and washed my hands. Hope was screaming at Pierce and Tate to be quiet while they were running laps around and on top of the leather sectional, being chased by a butter knife wielding Patriot. Hope was watching Americas funniest home videos and it was harshing her vibe.

Just another day living the dream

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Jo said...

Well at least it was a butter knife

Nat Nat said...

I love your house! It's so much like mine! LOL

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