Thursday, January 8, 2009

He knows me so well.

i had a minor fit today.

it was mostly internal with just a little wrath and ranting showing up on my blog. (it's my therapy after all) and maybe a little bit on Facebook.

the evidence is still here, go ahead and scroll down so you know what i'm talkin' about.

then in the post before this one. i thought oh maybe if i do something creative i'd feel better.

i cranked up my playlist. and got into my photo shop elements and made a new topper!

and i was beginning to feel better. alot better.

i called Lance in to see the finished product. my masterpiece of the evening.

and before he even was all the way into the room. he said," ya know, when you are in a pissy mood, if you do something creative you suddenly come out of it"

i was shocked he'd noticed that about me. and that i'd thought the same thing tonight. but barely realized that about myself.

so i got out of my funk with a new blog topper.

then as he was going back into the office, he said, why don't you blog hop or read all the blogs in your google reader.

he knows me so well.

and pathetically we both came to the conclusion that we are dependent on carbonated caffeinated beverages to be happy.

and we are currently out of the nectar.
thus magnifying foul moods and bad tempers.

let me just say this,"i can't wait until payday friday!"

(we are super overdrawn) so not rad. i hate being low budget.

on another note...

RESOLUTION ALERT! i resolve to do at least 12 new blog toppers this year .

the year in blog toppers was way fun to post and look back on. in case you missed it you can see it here. DELIGHTFUL!

NOTE: there are now no comments for awhile at least.

i figure it's more satisfying to see 160 visits and 217 page views in a day. when i'm not comparing it to the measly amount of comments i'm getting lately.

i realize i have ridiculous standards.

i do, i realize that. but i also know that I personally enjoy reading blogs that i don't feel obligated to comment on.

i just like reading them, and moving on. they kind of thrill me. and i'm hoping you get that warm fuzzy feeling from this change on my blog.

so now you know why i'm taking that option off the table.


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