Monday, August 11, 2008

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL'08- songs ,pictures and bag redo's WHOOHOO! let's celebrate!

Joy FABULOUS 1st grader!

Paxton Super 2nd GraderLiberty THrilled 3rd Grader

Peyton Fan-freaking-tastic 4th grader
The line-up! and on time to boot!

Liberty in her redone bag
Joy and her Fabulous backpack!oh and for those wondering what Joy thought of her fab backpack? i heard clapping and hopping up and down Yay us! (think London Tipton "yay me") and Liberty in a {whiny voice}, 'why do you get that one? " and shouting up the stairs to my bed "Mom can we do mine now? when can we do mine? i wanna help! can we do our lunch boxes too? MOM!mom, MOM!"

the girls insisted that the lunchboxes needed to be redone too!
Joy has purple with zebra and purple sequins
Liberty has Pink with zebra,dots and black sequins
Liberty's hand me down(from me) diaper bag now school bag.
it's convertible from messenger style to backpack.

she was coveting Joy's backpack (why does she get that one?{Whiny voice} )
so i had to embellish Liberty's I need to get a green rhinestone button for the flower center.

this made me think up a song................

(sung to What do you do in the summer time -primary song book)

(from last years first day here)

oh what do you do with the scho0-0ol time , when all of your kiddos are gone?
do you drink sonic Lime ade?
do you nap all the day?
do clean all morn-ning loooooooong?
oh what do you doooooooo? i think I bloGGGGGGGG!

OH what do you do with your schooool time when all the kids are gone?
do you tan in the sun?
do you take a long run?
do you shop from 9 to 1?
is that what you dooooooo?
that sounds so fuuuuuuuunnnn!

so i can't remember who i lined up for lunch today, if it was you, call me. i have to go mop now! yay me!

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Andrea said...



They're OFF!!! I just posted my pics too!

Although, your FANCY bags are way better than ours! haha You're too funny (and super clever)! LOVE the girls' backpacks & lunchboxes!

Enjoy your day of peace & quiet!!!

tammy said...

Yay! They all look so cute. Love the bags. I need a girl now. Now you're all finally free to go to lunch with me now!

Meredith Ferrin said...

They look adorbale! I love the bags...enjoy your day today!

sandi said...

Love the bags! Where's my glue gun? Oh wait, where's my talent? Crapstain.

Have fun this school year!!

Claremont First Ward said...

They all look so cute. School is starting already? Awesome diaper bag makeovers!

janna said...

You rock!!!

AutoSysGene said...

Wow, I think you've found your should make and sell those bags! You could make a million!

Enjoy your day off!

kay said...

those are fab!!! i love them!! makes me want a girl so they can have super adorable bags too. you may have found a new $$ maker there lady!

mine doesn't go back to school until sept 2!! i still have tons of summer left here!! so no sonic for me yet!

Laurie said...

Happy First Day of School!! Love the re-done bags, they look great!

Are You Serious! said...

♥ I love all the embellishing!!! Fabulous job! :)

Jen said...

They look fab!! Hope they and YOU have a great day! I emailed you about lunch this week!!

Webb Family said...

Loved your song!!!!
And their bags look so great.
I love the idea of fixing up old ones.
You are so smart!!
Hope you have a super first day!

Anonymous said...

Yay for the first day of school!!!
I love the lunch boxes!! You are so fantasticly (is that a word?) creative!!!

Ruth Anne said...

Ok, the kids look great! And so do the bags. You need to sell those bags. You are so crafty!! Those bags could pull so serious dough.

Wow, you are amazing.

Shannon said...

Fab job Mama! I can't believe its time for school already. Where did the summer go??

Mamarazzi said...

OH are the awesomest!!

they all look adorable and the lunch boxes and bags are Way. Too. Cute.

looks like the school year started out RIGHT!

Micah and Jen said...

SO fun! You are such an awesome kiddos will probably always get just boring old backpacks! :) Good job on being on-time....I think that is my biggest worry!!! Happy 1st day of school!

Micah and Jen said...

SO fun! You are such an awesome kiddos will probably always get just boring old backpacks! :) Good job on being on-time....I think that is my biggest worry!!! Happy 1st day of school!

Sarah said...

Love the bags! Love the song! Great first day pics!

Sarah said...
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Jamie said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Thhey are off!!
Fantastic bags!!! Ilove the song. IIhummed and sang along:))

careyttops or katelyn's kid kitchen said...

school- already!? I'm seriously so jealous of you and dendi!
super cute bags!!!! love being creative!

Janeen said...

They look so cute, Julie! What did you do on your peaceful day?
I just did my stuff around the house and then when Sammy got home we took a nap together!

Connie said...

Yay fro the first day of school!! I have friends that hate being in school, but NOT ME!!! All I want to do is have these babies all to myself!! And blog w/o children looking over my shoulder....

Cecily R said...


I can't believe school has already started in AZ...we have another two weeks.

LOVE the pictures. They all look so stinkin' cute!!!

KATE said...

Love the first day of school pics! So cute! I love the bags too, you are amazing!

We go back to school next week, I'm excited and sad. Only sad to get back on a schedule, but still sad...

Devri said...

I loved the back packs, my girls where just whinning cuz I told them that there backpacks were still good for one more year, you gave a great idea!!! they looked fab.

Vidal's Nest said...

The song I sing on the first day of school is
Ding dong the kids are gone
the wicked kids are gone!
Your bags are fab. I'm telling you~ You could sell them!

Cecilia said...

Woohoo for first day of school!!!

The back packs and lunch boxes look
FABULOUS! What a great idea....YOU ROCK!

Piper said...

Looks like a great first day! Everyone (and their accesories) look fab!

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