Monday, December 22, 2008

posts from Christmas Past - links ,a recipe,and gifty idea link.

how about some christmas themed past posts? repeated with loads of links?

1. homemade hot chocolate. LOVE IT! traditionally we go to my mom's every year on christmas eve for hot cocoa. from scratch. none of that packet crap. i posted the recipe last year. here there are two ways to make it posted. enjoy!

2.i've had record low Christmases in the past. THIS YEAR is a million times better than the ones in these posts memory lane Monday 3 truths and a lie here, with the answers here .

3.i did a memory lane Monday about christmas gifts. here and the answer of the game here.

4. OH! here is a rad list of fun/cheap/easy gift ideas for neighbors or whoever you still need to do something for. on Tammy's blog. a repeat from last year. i still have stuff to do. maybe one of these will be the chosen one.

i've been perusing the archives. they are interesting to say the least.

i still have to finish cards. how the heck did i start these weeks ago and yet haven't sent any out yet?

any passed out, have been in person. NICE.

they are coming. eventually.

i need to make the kids go to bed on time all week. so i have time to do my elf-ish duties.

they were up past 1am. nothing got taken care of tonight.


hope you are having a fabulous monday!

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NerdyRedneck Rob said...

I suggest you use the elf little helper- melatonin in their milk.

Either that or make them run laps around the house in the afternoon so they are tired!

onehm said...

HOW do you handle your kids up until 1am??? My kids would be CRAZY if they stayed up that late!! :)
Good luck on the Christmas stuff...I am SO BEHIND this year...

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